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June 03, 2021

ffs beauty tanning set review
ffs beauty tanning classic glow set
ffs beauty tanning deluxe glow set

Hello everyone! The sun is still shining in the UK (for once) so it's time to talk about tan! I know some people are blessed with the tanning gene - they can sit outside for a few hours and turn a lovely golden shade. Me on the other hand... the sun hates me. I can spend an hour in the sun and turn into a lobster. I once got heatstroke on a cloudy day in Scotland whilst wearing suncream - true story. So if you're anything like me and you still want a glow despite the sun having other ideas, this is where the FFS Beauty tanning products come in. 

I recently reviewed their shaving subscription plan, and I'm back again with another collab. This time it's their tanning set. I received a whole bunch of stuff that I can't wait to review with you today, but first, a bit about FFS. They are a UK based, female-first, multi award winning brand. They sell women's eco friendly razors, deodorants, self tan and shower products. They are certified cruelty free and their main ethos is that beauty should be effortless, which is something I can definitely get behind!

So now, onto the products. I received a tanning mousse, tanning drops, tanning mitt, kabuki brush, shave balm and a back tanning applicator. I've attached pictures below with a review of each product so lets go.

ffs beauty tanning mousse medium
ffs beauty tanning mousse
ffs beauty tanning mousse medium review

First, the main event, star of the show if you will. The tanning mousse. I got this in the shade medium as I am really pale, but it does also come in a dark shade too. This retails for £20 for 200ml which is pretty standard for a fake tan. It's cruelty free and vegan friendly which is always a plus. The product itself was extremely easy to apply. It blended into my skin beautifully and felt so lightweight. I am really impatient so I was worried about the drying time, as so often tans can take what feels like years to dry. I am happy to report that this dried so fast! Within 20 minutes I couldn't feel the tan at all. And that was probably with me being extra cautious. After application, leave this on for around 4-6 hours and then wash off. I didn't take any photos but the end result was a beautiful, natural looking glowy tan, which I am obsessed with. If you want a darker look then it's really easy to layer up and doesn't take as long to dry as most tans I have tried take. Also another big plus to me is that it doesn't have that horrible 'fake tan' smell as it's infused with an avocado and coconut fragrance. All in all I love this and will be using it whenever my body needs a pick me up!

ffs beauty tanning drops review
ffs beauty tan drops review

I also got some tanning drops - which is something I've never tried before so was excited to do so. These were £15 and also vegan and cruelty free. The idea of this is you mix in 4-6 drops of the tanning drops to around 5ml of moisturiser for a healthy, natural glow. I mixed this with my night-time face moisturiser and once it had dried I slept in it. I woke up and my face was looking so glowy and healthy I couldn't quite believe it! The drops were fragrance free as well which is great as I have super sensitive skin, but I was still expecting to break out from these - but I didn't! Additionally, I was expecting to have to change my pillowcases as they would be covered in tan, but they were clean. It's a miracle! This was super easy to apply and that's a massive selling point for me, so I'll definitely be using these to give my pasty skin a summer glow.

Now, onto the extras! 

ffs beauty double sided applicator mitt
ffs beauty double sided applicator mitt reviewffs beauty tanning applicator

Firstly, the softest tanning mitt in all the land. Seriously, it's so soft. It's velvet, double sided and it retails for £5. This felt so luxurious when using and it really helped the tan to go on smoothly and blends in nicely. I don't have a huge amount to say about this except it does the job. Oh, and it was super easy to wash as well just with cool water and soap. 

ffs beauty post shave balm

Next I got some post shave balm. I mentioned this in my last post about FFS so I won't ramble on about it here too, but I really like this. It does what it says on the tin, it's so soothing and it has a nice, gentle scent to it. 

ffs beauty tanning kabuki brushffs beauty kabuki brush

So I also have a kabuki brush which up until I got I assumed was only used for makeup. I was wrong! It was £5 which I think is decent for a high quality brush, but I wasn't 100% sure what to do with it! So I read the instructions on the box, and suddenly it made a whole lot of sense. The idea is that the brush helps to get a really even tan by reaching those hard to get to areas, and areas that usually don't blend great (Knees, elbows, ankles, feet etc) I found this to be really helpful and it really smoothed out the tan, especially around my knees. No patchy orange knees for me! This is definitely something I didn't know existed, but I'm happy it does. 

ffs beauty tanning double sided back applicator
ffs beauty tanning back applicator

Finally... a product I didn't know was a thing but now I'm not sure how I'll ever apply tan without it after using it... A back applicator. I took this out of the packaging and I admit, I thought it looked like some sort of torture device, or a face mask for a giant. You wrap this around your back and grab onto it at either side (there's a fantastic picture on their website which I highly recommend checking out in the link above) And it just really helps to evenly distribute tan on your back, which is notoriously hard to get to when you live alone. It was £8 and is super soft just like the tanning mitt, and really easy to clean too. 

I hope I've helped you out if you were thinking of buying from FFS, but weren't sure what to think. I would definitely recommend everything, but if I had to pick one it would be the tanning drops or the velvet mitt (so smooth).

You can shop the full range of products here:

** They were kindly gifted to me but as usual, all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. I wouldn't work with a brand if I didn't love their ethos and products. **

If you wish to contact me, my email is:

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