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June 25, 2021

Glossier Review and First Impressions

So there I was, editing a new Glossier review post and I went to link back to one I did in the past... Only to realise it was still in my drafts! So I thought I would post the original review from my drafts (from 2018!) because these are still some of my most used products to this day! Without further ado, lets go back in time to 2018 Erin! 


Early 2018

Glossier is a brand I've heard a whole lot about, but yet to try. So when I saw that they now ship to the UK I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a few wee bits and bobs. I picked up the oh-so-famous 'Boy Brow' and the lip balm trio. Let's get into my thoughts.

Glossier Boy Brow Review Brown

First up, it's the boy brow. This retails for £14. This has to be one of the most hyped beauty products ever. Rumour has it even Beyonce uses it. Needless to say I was. excited to try it. My first impressions - I love it. The shade is perfect for my brows, it's super easy to use, the spooly is so small it's great for precision. Additionally, the packaging is just right up my street, so simple and chic, the graphic designer in me is screaming in delight. 

(Edit 2021: In case you want a little update from current me on my thoughts now - this is still an everyday staple in my beauty routine! I love it. It's perfect for days when you don't want to wear makeup but still want your eyebrows to be defined. Saying that, it's also buildable so also good for when you have brows done and just want to set them, or if you really want to define them. I don't have a bad word to say about these products.)

Glossier review balm dot com boy brow

Next up are some lip balms. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE a lip balm. I always have multiple on hand for as and when I need them, so when I saw they were offering a lip balm trio called 'Dot Com Lip Balm'- I was in heaven.  

Firstly,  the packaging! I'm obsessed! It's so modern, cool,  instagrammable,  and just ugh so perfect. I got three shades/scents - Original, Cherry and Birthday cake. The total cost was £25 for three. Lets break them down. 

Glossier Original Balm Dot Com Review

The original lip balm says it can also be used as a 'universal salve' that you can put on any dry areas on your body. I haven't been brave enough to try that but in terms of softening lips... it definitely works. This feels so smooth and luxurious on my lips, I find myself wanting to put it on so much as it's just so nice. And the packaging,  I know I keep raving on, but it's so beautiful.  

Glossier Birthday Cake Balm Dot Com Review
Glossier Birthday Cake Balm Dot Com Review First Impressions

Next, the wild card. I thought I would try out birthday cake as it was a colour free balm but has small bits of sparkle through it promising to give my lips a shine- and that it did. It's so pretty and subtle on the lips.  The smell isn't 'birthday cake' to me but it is sweet and sugary so if you like that kind of scent you will love this.  The glitter packaging is so cute as well. 

Glossier Cherry Balm Dot Com Review
Glossier Birthday Cake Balm Dot Com Review First Impressions

Finally, my favourite of the trio, the cherry Balm Dot Com. I LOVE cherry scented things and this certainly did not disappoint. It has that fake cherry smell that I know will divide people but I personally am a fan. It gives your lips a really subtle red tint to them which is perfect for those 'no. makeup makeup' days. 10/10 from me. 

(Edit 2021: I still use and love these lip balms three years later, definitely another staple. However, I have a new favourite! They released a Mango scented one that has a very subtle peach tint to it and it smells INCREDIBLE. I always have one on me wherever I go I. love it so much.) 

So there you go that's my first impressions of Glossier. To be honest I don't think it could have gone any better, I really like them!

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