What's In My Makeup Bag?

July 28, 2013

I have been planning to do this blog post for ages now, and then my camera broke, so I had to wait, but it's fixed, so I can finally do it! What I've literally done is just emptied out the contents of my daily makeup bag. I don't use all of this in a daily basis, but there are definitely my most used products, so, lets take a look, shall we? 

The mess that is my makeup bag contents!
(Note: My makeup bag is one that I got with an FCUK bath set a few years ago, it's the only one I have big enough to hold everything!)

First up is my three favourite colours from "Models Own" Blueberry Muffin(1), Strawberry Tart(2) and Zest a Peel(3). I have no idea why they're in my makeup bag, but oh well.. They're pretty anyway. 

My sleek contour/highlighting palette is my lifesaver in the mornings, particularly the contouring. I think it adds definition to my face, and there's rarely a day it doesn't get used.

I do like this No7 eyeshadow palette in "Garden Of Eden", but I never ever use the two greens, but I use the browns a lot, because I love the pigmentation of them.

The Bourjois Delice de Poudre - This is a new addition to my makeup bag, but already I love it. It's really subtle bronzer, but I prefer them like that.

A beauty bloggers favourite, it's the Rimmel Apocalips lip laquers in Luna(1) and Big Bang(2). I can't explain how much I am in love with these, especially number 2! I am a little bit obsessed.

Ths is a really old, expensive Christion Dior lipstick in "Sparkling Red". I do like it, but I rarely wear it, because in my opinion, it's my least favourite red lipstick I own, and it's so old it should probably be thrown out..

I did a whole review of Lush's bubblegum lipscrub on my blog earlier this year (which you can find here), but I do love this product, a lot!

This is the "Lasting Finish" Lipstick by Rimmel (can you tell I love this brand?!) in "Drop of Sherry", and I absolutely love it! It's quite subtle, so it's easily wearable during the day.

Another beauty cult product, it is of course the Collection (2000) lasting perfection concealer, and it is easily the most used, and most repurchased product in my makeup bag. Even if I don't have any other makeup on, I would have to have this on! And for under a fiver, that just makes it even better.

Another recent purchase. I saw this in boots, and I hadn't seen it before, so I picked it up. I'm reviewing it soon, but so far, it's been nice, but it's not a great colour for me, as it's kind of orange. I love orange, however, I don't think I suit it. 

Ah, the Kate Moss Lipsticks, in 10, 107 and 03. Not a bad thing to say about these, they really are brilliant. I actually did a review of these (specifically 107) which you can read here. 

I really do like Rimmel products, don't ? I found three eye liners in white, brown and black. I use the brown to do my eyebrows(although i'm on the hunt for a better substitution, any suggestions are welcomed with open arms!). I rarely use the white, and I use the black along my waterline.

Just some standard QVS tweezers. They do the job.

All my "Eco Tools" brushes! They cost me in total about £13 and I love them lots.

Maybelline The Falsies mascara. When i first purchased this product, I hated it, and I stopped using it, before going back to it, and then loving it! It's now easily my favourite mascara..

I rarely use the actual palette (and if i do use it, it's only the third row), and one of my little sisters decided to stick their fingers in 4/6 of the lipglosses on the bottom row.. The reason this is in there is because of the mirror. It's huge!

Yet another beauty cult product. I love this, and I really think it helps block the shine, as there's nothing worse than seeing photos from a night out you've had, and you're so shiny that you could be spotted a mile away! (It's happened to me many a time.. But not since I started using this!)

I have tried countless ways of applying eyeliner to my top lid, pen, liquid, pencil, and gel. This gel liner, is the best product i've used, and trust me, i've used tonnes. I absolutely adore it! It's so easy to use, and it stays on all day, you don't need to touch it up at all.

Oh how I love my "Wake Me UP" foundation.. I first bought this product 2 years ago I think, or whenever it first came out, and i've never looked back. I've repurchased this almost as many times as i've bought the concealer by Collection again, and that's a lot of times! I just love it. (I've said love a lot in this blog post...)

You can't have a makeup bag without a lipbalm! I get such dry lips, so lipbalm is my best friend all year round!

Last but not least, my trusty eyelash curlers, by QVS. To be honest I looked in boots and just picked up the cheapest eyelash curlers, and they work great! 

So that is all the products I use most! Pretty much all of them are drugstore brands, and they're cheap, but I think they work fine on my face, and right now there isn't much I would actually change about my makeup routine. I hope you liked this, i'll see you soon!


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