Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnish and MUA Blusher || Double Review

February 16, 2014

Hey everyone! I'm here today with a double review for you all! I now today is supposed to be the day where I write a "Weekly Catch-Up", but I haven't done much this week, so i'll merge this week and next week together in a big post next Sunday.
So, last month, I was contacted by My Beauty Compare (you can read about their site here) and they sent me two drugstore products to review, and so that's what i'm going to do.

First up is the Maybelline "Colour Show" Nail Varnishes. I was sent a gorgeous pale pink colour called "Nebline". First of all, the packaging is simple, but I think it's really nice, and sleek. The colour is really pretty, and flattering on my nails. It took about three coats before it was fully opaque, but once it dried, and there was a top coat put on, it looked really lovely. A few problems I had was that the formula is quite runny, so I found it quite hard to apply, and it took ages to dry, which is a big problem if you're as impatient as I am! However, the lasting power was pretty decent, staying on my nails for four days before it started to chip.

Next was this blusher from MUA in the colour "Lolly". Now, when I opened the little package, and saw this, I was a little frightened. Now because of the colour, but because I can't seem to put on blusher right, and I really don't suit it, because I have a naturally red face. However, I decided to bite the bullet, and for the sake of reviewing this product, I decided to wear it. The formula is really nice. I don't know much about blushers, but it was reasonably easy to blend, and the colour is really gorgeous. It's not too pink, and it's quite subtle on your cheeks. I think it suits most skin tones, and when I get over my fear of blushers, I can tell that this will be one of those products that i'll love.
So that's everything I have for you today. Have any of you tried these products? What was your thoughts? Let me know!

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by My Beauty Compare but all opinions are my own.

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