My Top Nail Varnishes For Spring!

April 12, 2014

(l-r Urban Turquoise, Little Duck, Blueberry Muffin, Berry, Vivid Violet, Pomegranate, Strawberry Tart, Papaya, Carnival, Fear and Desire, Mellow Yellow)

So spring is finally underway (although the weather up here in Scotland is more like winter... seriously, it's freezing!) and I thought i'd round up some of my top nail varnishes that I will be rocking all through spring, and probably through summer as well! Lucky for you, all of these can be found in your local Boots, and they won't break the bank, which in my opinion, is a great thing! So lets get started.

If, like myself, you love bright, stand out colours, then look no further, as these 8 nail varnishes are bound to make your nails pop!

1. Tanya Burr - Little Duck (This colour is flattering on any skin tone, I love it.)
2. Models Own - Blueberry Muffin (and it's scented!)
3. Barry M - Berry (Pastels are very on trend at the minute, and what's better than a pastel purple? Nothing!)
4. Models Own - Strawberry Tart (also scented, and smells amazing!)
5. Barry M High Shine Gel Paint - Papaya (arguably my favourite of the bunch, it's what I currently have on my nails, this is the perfect coral colour!)
6. Topshop - Carnival (Orange is my favourite colour, and it's right on trend at the moment, so I absolutely love this colour)
7. Essie - Fear and Desire (The photo doesn't do it justice, but this is the brightest of them all, it's a luminous orange, perfect for spring and summer!)
8. 17 Lasting Fix - Mellow Yellow (Yellow's not a colour I wear on my nails often, as I don't think it suits me, but the shimmer in this makes it perfect.)

Now I know bright, light colours aren't for everyone, so i've also chosen three darker colours, but they're still very bold, perfect for spring.

1. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Pomegranate (I bought this last year at around this time, and it's one of my most used nail varnishes, as the colour is just perfect all year round, but particularly for spring and summer.)
2. No7 Stay Perfect - Vivid Violet (This is a very unusual metallic purple colour, perfect for drawing attention to your nails!)
3. Maybelline Color Show - Urban Turquoise (I think blue is just the perfect spring colour, and this is no exception!)

So that's what nail varnishes I'll be wearing over the next few months, i'd love to hear what polishes you'll be rocking! 

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