University Update!

October 01, 2014

So, a couple of weeks ago I put up a post discussing university. (If you haven't read it, you can find it here). I decided I would do a follow up post to this, as a lot has happened over the last few weeks.
Like every single other student moving away for university, I was absolutely terrified, and I mentioned my worries in my previous post. I've decided to recap and discuss them, so here they are!

"Am I going to get on with my flatmates?"
I have honestly been so lucky with my flatmates. I think I get on well with every single one, and everyone is absolutely lovely! This was something I should not have spent so much time worrying about!

"Will I make friends?"
Yes! I wish I could go back and tell myself not to be so silly! I have met so many people over the past few weeks, I can't keep count! 

"I don't deserve to be in my course."
"I think i'm going to fail at my course"
"What if i'm not creative enough?"
These three worries are a lot more personal, and I have to say, these worries have not gone away. I am still feeling like this, and it's not so good. I'm hoping my confidence will increase as I progress through the year.

"My shyness is going to hold me back"
Hmm, this is a difficult one. My shyness is holding me back, but not nearly enough as I thought it would. I still find it hard to be in large groups of people/ starting conversations, but I am coping a lot better than I thought I would.

"What if I don't get a job?"
Well... I still don't have a job, but I am looking, so fingers crossed!

"What if nobody likes me?"
I would hope that at least somebody liked me, otherwise then people are really good at faking how they feel about someone!

"How am I going to cook?"
Cooking is going to take some time to perfect, but I think i'm coping well. I'm able to make a lot of simple dishes, whilst keeping them relatively healthy. (Although I really need to stop snacking, or i'm going to put on so much weight this year!)

In hindsight, I think most of these worries were things I really should not have worried about. University life has been treating me great so far, and i'm loving it. Freshers week was great, my flatmates are amazing, i'm loving living on my own, and being independent, meeting loads of people is a new, but great experience... the list goes on and on.
My course itself is tough, but I do really enjoy it. Nobody said it was easy, and considering i'm in from 9am-5pm most days, I was already prepared for the amount of workload. It just means i've been sleeping when I come home a heck of a lot, and it also means I can't go to Skint Tuesdays at the Union, because i'm up early the next day! (Oh the sadness..)
It's not all perfect though, since i've been here i've slept in twice, missed my first lecture, smashed some things, messed up my leg, but it's all part of the university experience I guess!
The past three weeks have been a blur, and I am so happy I chose to move away for university, because I think I get the best of both worlds- I will always have my old life at home, but I also have a new life here, in Dundee. 

Did anyone else move away for university? How did you enjoy it? 

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  1. its a hard time for everyone, but im so glad your enjoying it :)

    1. I know, it really is! Thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. So glad to see you're doing well and enjoying yourself! Looks like you're having a blast girl!

  3. I just moved away for university as well this term and I agree I find my course is quite full on compared to many of my flatmates so I spend a lot of my free time sleeping or procrastinating doing work but I think over time it has got easier for me.

  4. I'm in my 5th year of university, but I've lived at home and off campus the entire time. I struggled a lot more with making friends because I lived in another town, and I had trouble socializing before and after classes. It was hard at first, but eventually I got into the groove of things. I didn't get good at writing English papers until my 4th year XD

    Now I've been accepted to a post-grad program in Toronto starting in late April, which means that I'll be moving away from home for the first time, and a lot of those worries that you had are now settling in for me. But I'm looking forward to being more independent and gaining new experiences in a new place :)