My Teeth Whitening Experience || Crest

June 09, 2015

I've never thought I had extremely yellow teeth, but i've wanted them to be just a little bit whiter for a while now. I felt like it would definitely give me more confidence in myself! I decided once I got my braces off, I would do it. Despite getting my braces off over a year ago, it was only recently I decided to hunt down the best teeth whitening kit I could find on eBay, for an affordable price.
I've heard a lot of raving reviews about the brand "Crest" for teeth whitening, so that's where I looked first. Because of some restrictions (i'm not sure of the details) the UK can't sell teeth whitening kits, but luckily ebay does. After looking through all the options, I decided the "Crest 3D Luxe Professional" ones would be the best for me.
It was really simple to do, basically you got a top and bottom strip, you put it on your teeth, made sure it was pressed in firmly, then kept it on for 20 minutes, took off, and voila! I did this for 10 days, and I was super happy with the results! Here's the before and after pictures!

So, what do you think? I can see a huge difference, and so can other people, so i'm really chuffed. And for only £20? Absolute bargain, if I do say so myself.

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