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August 06, 2015

 Top - Primark (£4)
Skirt - Primark (£8)
Cardigan - H&M (£19.99)
Tights - Primark (£2)
Shoes - Primark (£12)
Bag - Primark (£8)

The other day, my sister and I went on a walk to the library, as I needed to get some books for my Art School summer project. The walk was very interesting, and made for many good photo opportunities, so I decided to get my sister to take some photos of my outfit, especially as it was a rare sunny day in Scotland!
As you can see, this outfit is very Primark based. I am absolutely loving Primark's current range, and i've been buying tonnes from there recently! It's very up my street and completely my style. 
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