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January 26, 2016

I recently purchased this perfume as a treat for myself, because i've had my eye on it for ages. Every time I would go into work I would smell it, and when I had some Christmas money left over, I thought, why not?
It arrived the other day and let me tell you, i've been spraying this at every opportunity I get, and I even have put some in my travel perfume bottle so I can smell delicious everywhere I go!
I'm rubbish at describing scents so I thought i'd just quote what they say on the Hugo Boss Website:

"BOSS Orange for Woman is the signature fragrance that is bursting with spontaneity and passion. BOSS Orange is a captivating scent that opens with an uplifting burst of crispy apple and bergamot, giving a delicately feminine first impression. Meanwhile, the subtle heart notes of the scent, composed of white flower notes and orange blossom, create a carefree, lighthearted edge. The base is characterized by notes of sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla which combine to create a real sense of depth, adding layers of light intensity. The resulting scent is free-spirited and soulful. Wear it with passion."

I honestly can't describe how amazing it smells. If you see it, give it a sniff. You will not be disappointed, that's all I can say. 

Here is a link if you're interested. 

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