Disposable Camera || Part 2

April 04, 2016

Hello again! A few months ago, I put a post up all about my disposable camera adventures. I decided it was about time for part two! So without any rambling, let's have a look!

Carnaby Street in of course, London. This is an amazing street, so many great photo opportunities!!

Beautiful buildings

I was trying to take a 'candid' photo of my friends Mhairi and Isla walking away, but they both turned around at the last minute!

Again, another fab photo opportunity. I love Covent Garden too.

This photo didn't really come out great, but it's all part of the fun of a disposable camera, eh?

This was taken just after portfolio hand in! We went to a nice little cafe in Dundee and had celebratory food! (l-r Isla, me, Emma)

Also at the cafe, my friends Rachel and Helen, so cuuuuuute.

This is my sister.. I caught her with a towel over her head like that (don't ask) so I took the opportunity to snap a picture!

Me and Caragh, my sister just before we went to my little sisters' dance show (which I ended up having to help at because they were short staffed! I didn't mind though!)

This was a crazy psychedelic installation at the Duncan Of Jordanstone Art school's degree show (where I go to uni)

HAHAHA, I was planning on taking a nice photo of the busy Oxford Street, but this man walked straight into my shot! Ha, sorry stranger!
This was us on the London bridge (l-r Isla, me, Mhairi, Lizzie) as you can see we had just been shopping!

Finally, another shot of London. It was a great trip. I went with my art school, and ugh, I just love London. I'm actually going there again in mid-may because I have to get a visa! (More on that coming hopefully in a future blog post!)
Thanks so much for reading!

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