My Week In London!

June 29, 2014

At the start of June, myself and two of my closest friends headed down to London for four days. The main reason was to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tours, but we spent the rest of our time out and about in London, and I have fallen in love with the city. It's my first time there, and I already want to move there in the future! Anyway, i've put together a couple of my favourite pictures from this trip, so I hope you enjoy them!


Day 1 Was spent travelling early in the morning (our flight was at 6.45am!), but it meant we got to London before midday, so we checked into our hotel, and went to Madame Tussauds, and what a fun couple of hours! It was amazing seeing all the waxworks, they were so lifelike! We then went shopping, and went a bit crazy when we found out there was a "Bubble Tea" Stand in Topshop!


HARRY POTTER! Day two was spend entirely in the Studio Tours, and I can't explain how incredible it was. Even if you aren't a huge Harry Potter fanatic, you would still love this. If you want to read a more in depth post on this, with more photos,you can read it here.


Day three started off in King's Cross at Platform 9 3/4 (of course we had to visit it...), and then we spent the day sightseeing. We walked so much that day, that my feet were killing me by the end of it, but it was definitely worth it, because London is such a beautiful city.


Our final day in London wasn't spent doing too much, because we were leaving, but we did go for breakfast in the cutest diner, called Ed's Diner. The food was absolutely incredible. We then did a bit more shopping, and then headed to Covent Garden for a little look, and we had lunch there too.

I had such a great week in London, and i'm hoping I can go back there soon, as I miss it already! Hope you enjoyed this different kind of post!
Until next time!

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