Sleek Eyebrow Stylist (Medium) || Review + Swatches


sleek eyebrow stylist medium

sleek eyebrow stylist medium

sleek eyebrow stylist medium review

sleek eyebrow stylist medium review

sleek eyebrow stylist medium swatches

Hey everyone, so i'm back from my holiday! It was a great two weeks away, so relaxing, I managed to read a tonne of books, and I met so many amazing people! I'm quite sad to be home, but at least it's nice weather in Scotland! I'm back with a review of a product i've been reaching for quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, and it became an absolute staple on holiday! It's the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist.

I've struggled with my eyebrows for years. They're really quite bushy, but quite sparse in areas. One eyebrow is also a little bit higher than the other, which makes them always look uneven. I've been using the Beauty UK High Brows Kit, but i'm still not 100% happy with the result. I heard the hype surrounding the Soap and Glory Brow Archery kit, but it's been sold out in my local Boots for weeks and weeks. I'd read that the Sleek version was pretty similar, so I picked it up just before my holiday, as I really didn't want to be fussing about with a powder, and a brow gel, and an eyebrow brush, I wanted all this together (read: i'm lazy), and that's exactly what I got!

I absolutely love the packaging of this product, it's really light, compact, simple, and (ahem) sleek! I just love Sleek packaging in general, in my opinion, the simpler the better.
Despite having really dark brown hair, I chose to go with the shade medium, as in the past, the 'dark brown' shades have been too dark for me. I was glad I picked this colour, as it's honestly the perfect match for me!
The wax needs warmed up a little bit before the product is visible, but once it's warmed up, it glides on my brows beautifully. The angled end makes it super easy to get a really nice brow shape. I like to use it flat for the front of my brows, and use the point to get finer strokes for the ends of my brows.
The little spooly (is that how you spell it?) is great. I use it before I do my eyebrows to get all the hairs going the right direction, and I also use it after i've applied the product to blend it out and make it less harsh.
The product itself lasts a really long time. I've used it in Menorca, where it's usually around 30 degrees Celsius, and it didn't sweat off my face! I didn't even use a brow gel, so I was surprised it lasted so long! Another good thing was that I went in the sea one day, and I had my brows done, and it stayed put on my eyebrows.
I'm so impressed with this product, it's made doing my eyebrows really really easy, and it now only takes me the best part of a minute to do them, in comparison t a good five minutes before!
I honestly can't rave about this product enough, it's absolutely amazing, and if you're like me, and struggle with your brows,  would 100% recommend this product!
It's also really affordable, as it's only £5.99! An absolute bargain! You can purchase it here if you're interested.

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