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December 09, 2014

I love winter. I love everything about it, the hot drinks, cold air, the festivity, but most of all, I love the fashion. (Well.. maybe fashion is just behind Christmas, but still..)  The chunky knits, the layering, the colours, the wrapping up, I just love it. This year, i've been looking at what's been shown on the catwalk, and also what's being sold in shops, and i've decided to round up some of my favourite trends for Winter 2014!

Grey Check Coat - £89 (Topshop) || Red Oversized Shirt - £30 (Topshop) || Grey Cape - £19.99 (New Look) || Yellow Tartan Dress - £12 (Boohoo) || Red Scarf - £15 (River Island) || Brown Boots - £29.99 (New Look) || Green Jumper - £20 (Boohoo) || Red Skort - £17.99 (New Look) || Grey and Orange Duster Coat - £45 (Boohoo)
Whatever you want to call it, I just love it. Being from Scotland, I love tartan anyway, but because it's in style, it just makes it even better. I especially love the scarves and shirts. I think adding something checked to your outfit makes it so much more stylish, and it just adds a little extra to a minimal outfit.

Winter trends 2014
Striped Top - £24 (Topshop) || Ripped Jeans - £24.99 (New Look) || Grey Dress - £15 (Boohoo) || Grid Coat - £65 (Topshop) || Grey Tartan Skirt - £22 (River Island) || Tube Scarf - £5.99 (H&M) || Hat - £7.99 (Missguided) || Grey Jumper - £18 (Boohoo) || Boots - £38 (River Island)
Most people associate grey with boring, but in my opinion, it's far from being a boring colour. Grey is so easy to style, and it's monochrome, with a twist, and you all know how much I love my monochrome! (It's basically all I wear..)

Lilac Boyfriend Coat - £37 (New Look) || Red Double Breasted Coat - £129 (Zara) || Geometric Wool Coat - £79.99 (Zara)   || Khaki Parka - £129 (Zara) || Yellow Coat - £95 (Oasis) || Pink Soft Jacket - £55 (Warehouse) || Tartan Jacket - £40 (New Look) || Patterned Wool Coat - £79.99 (Zara) || White Wool Jacket - £87 (Topshop)
Statement Coats
Ah, I do love a good coat. A coat can transform your outfit. You could be wearing the most boring outfit, but throw on a statement coat, and bam! You instantly look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit. This is something everyone needs all year round, not just for winter!

Charcoal Grey Cardigan - £20 (Boohoo) || Mustard Yellow Jumper - £15 (Boohoo) || Blue Cropped Jumper - £19.99 (New Look) || Red V Neck - £95 (Topshop) || Green Midi Cardigan - £155 (Topshop) || Grey Patterned Jumper - £25 (River Island) || Cream Knitted Dress - £40 (River Island) 
Chunky Knits
Year after year, chunky knits coming back into style, I think they are a timeless classic, which makes me very, very happy, because I love a good knitted jumper! They're amazing to layer with, or just throw on in a rush, and still look stylish. A definite winter wardrobe staple!

Red Chunky Cardigan - £35 (River Island) || Cropped Blazer - £25 (New Look) || MOTO Jeans - £38 (Topshop) || Skater Dress - £45 (Lavish Alice) || V Neck Playsuit - £36 (Topshop) || Love Heart Satchel - £62.50 (eBay) || Cropped T-Shirt - £6 (Boohoo) || Platform Boots - £24.99 (H&M) || Midi Skirt - £20 (New Look)
Oxblood Red
Red is my favourite colour. I think it's beautiful, and I think I suit it. So I was very happy to see lots of red in the shops/on the catwalk, specifically oxblood red. It's a perfect festive shade!

Brown Lace Up Ankle Boot - £20 (Boohoo) || Black Block Heel Boot - £28 (New Look) || Tan Shearling Trim Boots - £30 (Misguided) || Grey Chunky Boots - £50 (Topshop) || Burgandy/Tartan Boots - £28 (New Look) || Black Dr Martens - £110 (Schuh)
Chunky Lace Up Boots
Boots are my weakness. I have an unhealthy amount of them, but I just love them. They can instantly make an outfit appear more edgy, and cool, all while keeping your feet warm! They also literally go with everything. I am especially loving Lace-up boots this year.

Black Scalloped Skirt - £8 ( || Green and Blue Tartan Skirt - £36 (Topshop) || Burgundy Patterned Skirt - £9.99 (New Look) ||  Yellow And Blue Tartan Skirt - £8 (Boohoo) || Monochrome Gingham Check Skirt - £12.99 (New Look) || Yellow Mini Skirt - £25 (River Island) || Paisley Patterned Skirt - £6 (Boohoo) || Checked Skirt with Lace Hem - £38 (Topshop)
Mini Skirts
I'm seeing a lot of mini skirts in shops. Honestly, that terrifies me,because I am not one to wear mini skirts, as I am very self conscious about my figure. However, I manned up, and bought one (It's the New Look one featured above) and I am in love with it!

Until next time!
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