My First Birchbox! || February 2015

March 15, 2015

I know I am so late to the game, but on the 27th February, I finally caved, and bought a Birchbox. I only decided because I had a code that got me it for only £7, rather than the usual £12.95 including postage. (Absolute bargain!)  I'm only just getting round to writing this post now, but better late than never, right? I have to say, I was really pleased with it! So much so that I got the March one as well! (post on that coming soon!)
So as you can see above, I got a lovely selection of things (all for under a tenner!), and i'm going to talk you through them all. Enjoy!

 First up is a hydrating shampoo from "Electric Hair". Retailing for £17.50 for the full sized bottle, I was really happy to get this. I've never heard of this brand before, but I am excited to try this. If it's any good, i'll put a full review up on my blog, so look out for that. Birch box claims that this shampoo boosts moisture and restores shine, which would be lovely. Fingers crossed it works!

 Next up is this radiance serum from "Caudalie", another brand I was unfamiliar with. This retails for a whopping £45 for the dull version, so again, I was super happy to get this. I've tried this once or twice, and it feels so smooth on my skin. I will continue to use it, and let you know how I get on!

I also received this really cute bath and shower wash from T London. This is scented as chamomile and green tea, which i've never been a fan of, but this smells really nice! It's very subtle, but nice none the less! This is £6.50 for the smallest full size version, if anyone was wondering.

Next up, a product I really wanted to love, but I didn't. It's mixed berry oats, and it sounded delicious, but I tried it today, and I just wasn't a fan. That's not to say others won't like it obviously, sadly, I just didn't.

I also received this fat eye stick from Eyeko. It's £16 for a trio of them, so again, super pleased to have got this. I really love this, it's such a shimmery, beautiful shade, perfect for adding a subtle amount of glam to your makeup. This is perfect for both evening and daytime wear, but i'm wearing it most in the evening. I think the shade is "Gilt", but i'm not 100% sure.

Last but not least, it's a beauty bloggers favourite, that I have yet to try until now, it's the "Benefit High Beam" highlighter. I have yet to try this, but i've heard great things from it, so I have high expectations! This retails at £19.50 for the full size of it, so again, super happy to have received a sample of it.

And that's what I got from Birchbox, i'm super happy with everything I received!
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. This looks like a lovely box! I keep meaning to sign up to Birchbox but forgetting, I'm rubbish! They definitely seem to have really upped their game in the beauty box world of late too.

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. It is a brilliant box! It took me years to sign up, but I finally did it! They have definitely got better with time! Thank you for your comment x