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June 03, 2015

I think sports hats are more often than not classed as a masculine thing. That is, until the "Sports Luxe" trend came along! I am not a huge hat wearer, but i've been looking up the "Sports Luce" trend, and it's inspired me. I've put together two outfit that I think a hat would just add the extra finishing touch to, and i'm really tempted to purchase everything from these looks now!

Yellow Crop Top - £6 (, Denim Shorts - £32 (Topshop), Black Pumps - £8 (Misguided), White Socks - £3.50 (Topshop), Snapback - £20.75 (Fanatics), Round Sunglasses - £5.00 (Forever 21)

Black Dungarees - £48 (Topshop), Knitted Beanie - £25.95 (Fanatics),  Striped Top - £6.99 (New Look) , Metal Sunglasses - £16 (New Look), White Brogues - £19.99 (New Look)

So, has this inspired you to try out the Sports Luxe trend in a new way? Let me know!

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