Behind Closed Doors || Book Review

March 05, 2016

I recently finished reading 'Behind Closed Doors', by B.A. Paris.  Right now i'm having this craze of loving psychological thrillers, I can't get enough of them! So when I saw this on Amazon, I knew it was right up my street. Here's what Amazon says about the book:

"Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You might not want to like them, but you do.

You’d like to get to know Grace better.

But it’s difficult, because you realise Jack and Grace are never apart.
Some might call this true love. Others might ask why Grace never answers the phone. Or how she can never meet for coffee, even though she doesn’t work. How she can cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim. And why there are bars on one of the bedroom windows.

Sometimes, the perfect marriage is the perfect lie."

When I first read this, I remember thinking that it sounded interesting. I also thought that compared to other books of this genre i'd read (and there is loaaaads) it seemed like it would be an easier read, it would be tamer, and wouldn't leave me feeling uncomfortable. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was hands down the creepiest, most unsettling book I have ever read. There were many parts where I genuinely felt anxious, and I was breathless. When I finished the book I actually just sat there for a few minutes, trying to get my breathing back to normal. It was that good.I don't want to say too much because it will give it away, but the poor twists are insane, Jack is really unnerving, and you will probably fee uneasy. Honestly, this book is not for the faint hearted! It deals with many strong, controversial topics, and it's rendered me speechless. Seriously, if you like creepy thrillers, pick it up. You will not be disappointed. I read it in one sitting, I was up until 4 in the morning finishing it, it was brilliant. 

You can pick it up from Amazon here. 

Thank you for reading! 

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