Paris Trip 2013 !

April 04, 2013

Hello everyone! For today's post I thought I would write about a recent trip I went on with my school. In February, I was lucky enough to visit a place i've always wanted to travel to, since as long as I can remember: Paris.
The bus journey down was a 19 hour drive. We set off at 5pm, and for the first few hours, it was fun, chatting away to everyone, being overexcited, the usual..
By 9pm, everyone was reaching the 'cramped I need to stop somewhere' stage. When we finally stopped to switch drivers in Manchester (we traveled from Glasgow) it felt amazing to stretch our legs! (Also, I suffer from travel sickness, so to get some air was great!!)
When we were back on the bus, we were back to the 'not being able to move properly' stage.
As midnight came upon us, barely anyone on the bus was asleep, although we were all so tired, that this happened..

We were tired, and bored...
Not long after that last photo was taken, Cara fell asleep, leaving me lonely. Luckily, Jennifer, who was in front of me was still awake. By this point it was 2 in the morning, and most people were asleep. This is me and Jennie on the bus here:
By the time three o'clock (in the morning!) came by, we were ready to board the ferry! It was from Dover to Calais, so it wasn't very long, only an hour or so, but I think everyone was so tired they either dozed off, or went a bit mad (like below!)

Once off the ferry, we were back on the dreaded bus, and by this point everyone was asleep, including me. I  woke up however at 7am, feeling horrible (because as I mentioned, I get travel sick) and looking to me right, my friend Aimee was awake, also feeling awful. We spoke to our teacher, who wasn't planning on stopping the bus, stopped the bus for us, and we went out to get some fresh air, and we took our travel pills. It was a quick stop, but once back on the bus, I managed to get another 2 hour sleep until at 9am we were up and at a service station, getting freshened up, and stuffing our faces with food!

We went back into the bus, only for half an hour, before we were at our first destination, the La Defense ! Here are some pictures: 

No rest for the wicked, we were straight off to the Arc De Triomphe, (we went via Metro, which is a scary way to travel!) which was amazing! The view from the top was worth the many stairs! Here are the pics:

We were then straight off to the Notre Dame Cathedral. I didn't take any photos of it inside, but it was beautiful, inside and out. 

After a long first day in Paris, we were straight off to out hotel, a Disneyland one called "The Explorers Hotel" We checked into our rooms, freshened up, then went for an evening meal. 

After a lovely buffet meal, we headed off to Disney Village, where I got presents for my entire family! 

Then we were home for a well earned rest, ready for DISNEYLAND the next day!

We woke up at the ungodly hour of 6.30am and were ready to leave at 9! One downside tough, was that it had snowed! So it was freezing waiting on the shuttle bus!

Luckily, by the time we got  Disneyland, the snow had almost melted. I had the most AMAZING time of my life, and here is only some of the hundreds of pictures I took that day! !I was living a childhood dream.

And that was only a few of them!! I had a great time, and there was a fireworks display later on at night that was BRILLiANT. It blew me away!! 

All too soon, it was going home day, but first, we had a few things to go and see, the main one being The Eiffel Tower. It was so beautiful. I'e wanted to visit it my whole life and it outlived my expectations!! 

Absolutely breathtaking.
Then, we headed on foot to Napoleon's Tomb, and from there we went to the Louvre briefly, before heading for a quick stop at The Sacre Coeur. Pictorial evidence below..

By this point, it had started to pour, so we headed for the bus, (it was 6pm) and it was the start of our nineteen hour bus journey home! I was absolutely shattered, and felt crap, so by 9pm I was sound asleep! We got the ferry at midnight, although we almost couldn't go, because someone in the group had lost their passport! They found it in the end thank God! 
Once we were back in the bus, I don't remember much, because I think I pretty much slept the entire way home!
By 10am, we were back at our school, and on our way home to our beds (well that's where I went anyway!)

So overall, an amazing trip of a lifetime, I absolutely loved it! 

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