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May 30, 2013

So, it’s exam time, once again, and this is the point in the year where everyone I know, including me, becomes a recluse for the five weeks we have off to study.

When I was in my younger years at school, I used to think that the “older ones” were so lucky, because they got so much time off school. I just thought it was like one big holiday to them, with a few simple tests in between. How wrong was I?!

I didn't think about the stress exams would cause, because school was a ten million times easier back then. I was worried about forgetting my homework, or my PE kit, or worrying because I hadn't revised for a class test. But they didn't determine your future. These exams do.

I’m from Scotland, therefore these exams are probably a lot different to most people reading this (if anyone is reading it!). In Scotland, when we are 14/15 we sit our Standard Grades, which I think are the equivalent to GCSE’s in England, although don't quote me on that! From the ages of 16/17 when we leave school, over 2 years we sit Int 2’s/Highers and in our last year at school, we can choose to do more Highers, or even Advanced Highers.
This year, I am doing five Higher subjects in Art and Design, Graphic Communication, French, Maths and English. The entry requirements for the various courses I am leaving open are all 2 A’s and 2 B’s, 3 A’s and a B, or thereabouts, so it's stressful.
Exams basically determine your future.
This is a stressful process. You revise the whole year for one exam in each subject, and no matter how hard I revise, I panic on the day.
“I don’t know anything!” 
“Do we need to know this?!” 
“I need to cram everything this morning!” 
And my favourite, according to everyone that knows me, “I’m going to fail!”
I know I must annoy people with my negative attitude to Exams, but I can’t help it. I’m just so nervous about mucking them up, that I go into panic mode, thus creating a panicked atmosphere around me. So, you don't want to be around me on these days!

So right now, I’m taking half an hour out to write this, before I go back to my revision in Art, as I have an exam on Wednesday.
So I can only give advice that I have been given myself, and I am trying to follow it.

“Don’t give up. Persevere and you will get there. The hard work will pay off. Just think, after this, you can relax, once they’re done, there’s nothing you can do except wait.”
love you lots, 
Erin x

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