Stress, Stress, and More Stress! || Weekly Catch-up #1

January 26, 2014

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well! I had this crazy idea at the beginning of this week to start up a little regular thing on my blog, called "Weekly Catch-Up" (Original, I know!) Basically, I thought I could fill you in on the little things that i've been doing in my week, just to give you an insight into my life (look, I even made a mini banner thing!). My life is going to change this year, provided I get into University (i'm staying hopeful!), and I want you guys to be a part of this crazy ride!
I'll probably put the posts up every Sunday, at around about this time, and some will be more interesting than others, but enough of the rambling, lets get started!

This week has been exam/folio central! I've had two exams this week (Graphic Communication and Business Management), both of which required a lot of revision, and work. I hope i've done enough to at least pass them!
On top of that, I had a folio to put into Glasgow School of Art, as i'm applying for their Visual Communication course. It basically consisted of sending in 15 digital images (slides of images), and below is an example of one of the slides I sent away.

I still have another folio to be sent away to Edinburgh Art school, for their Graphic Design course, by Tuesday, and it requires ten more images, so i've been busy getting that together to the best quality that I can. Stressful is an understatement!

I am a messy reviser. When I sit at my desk to study, it starts off lovely and clean, as does my surroundings, but half an hour into revision, my stuff is strewn everywhere. It gets into such a state! Don't believe it? Here's proof below. (I'm so ashamed)
I don't think my room's EVER been this messy before!

My desk... oh dear
Yes, it was really that bad. However, I did tidy it up after my last exam (which was Friday), so now it's lovely and clean! Take a peek:
Squeaky clean!

Tidy desk - how adorable is my little house blogging notebook?! 
Everyone should be proud of me! I filled up three bags full of paper, and one full of rubbish. How did I get this messy?!
Aside from that, not much else happened in my life this week, a pretty boring start to my little blogging series that i'm doing! I hope next week will be better, and hopefully slightly more interesting!
Until next time!

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