Sorry For The Hiatus! || Weekly Catch-Up #4 to #9

March 23, 2014

Hey everyone! So before I get into today’s post, I just want to say a massive SORRY to everyone, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve last posted, but my life just got hectic, and busy. I’ve also been really ill, so that kind of prevented me doing anything, and in all honesty, I just wanted to take a small break from blogging, but fear not, I’m back!

So.. It’s been a few (okay, a lot) of weeks since I last did one of these weekly catch-up style blog posts, and boy do I have a lot of things to say! This is essentially the mega edition of my weekly catch-up because quite a lot has happened, so be prepared for a long post! Enough of the rambling, lets get to it!

So many of you may know that I have been applying to universities, as I’m in my last year of school. On the 25th February, I had an interview at Edinburgh Napier for Graphic Design. I really loved the university, and the interview was lovely, and really informal, and I felt like it went okay. I had a design task to do on the day which involved having to recreate a scene from The Hunger Games using a book. Mines was terrible (I recreated the reaping, where Katniss volunteers for Prim), but I think it was more to see how you worked under pressure, and with a totally new material. I must have done better than I thought, because a couple of weeks later (on the 12th March) I got an unconditional offer for this course! I was over the moon!

I have my Silver Duke of Edinburgh this weekend (Saturday-Monday) and I realised just quite how unfit I was, so me and a few of my friends have been going out for a run every week, in the hope of becoming fitter. I think it’s been working. Plus, I really enjoy running, it makes me forget abut everything, and I feel awesome after it! (The Nike Running App, as seen above, is great for tracking your progress!)

The other week, me and two of my closest friends finally got round to booking flights and accommodation to LONDON. I am so excited. I can now officially say I’M GOING TO LONDON! We’re going in early June for three nights and four days, and I couldn’t be happier.

On the 8th March, I had the first of my Commonwealth Games training, as I’m going to be a volunteer. It was really great, we got to learn more about the history of the games, what our role was going  involve, and most excitingly, we got to see the uniforms! I actually really like them! (see here)

I also had two amazing gigs. I finally got to see All Time Low live (On 11th March), after four years loving them! It was a great night, despite getting water all over me, getting squashed, and walking through a mosh pit (yes, me and my friend are that stupid.) They were amazing, and I just really want to go back. 
Another concert I went to was The Wanted (on 16th March). I grew up over the last four years loving them, and they are definitely my guilty pleasure. Despite not actually liking their new album, the show was really great, and I got quite emotional, much to my own surprise!

Finally, I was ill! (yay!) Last Friday, I went to school feeling pretty awful, but I just thought it was the cold, so I persevered through the day, and it was only when I came home that I realised maybe I was ill. I was up at 5am on Saturday morning, feeling pretty terrible, and I only got worse. I had to phone in sick, and I was ill the rest of the weekend. I’m not sure what it was, but I know I had flu like symptoms. I had The Wanted that weekend, on the Sunday, and that really didn’t help in getting me better, but I’m recovering now!

Random Favourites of the past few weeks

Song: Mr C - Nina Nesbitt, it’s so catchy, I love it! In fact, her whole album, Peroxide, is amazing.
Food: Rice Krispies! I’ve been a bit obsessed.
Product: Mascara (Maybelline The Rocket) my eyelashes have just seemed extra short lately, and mascara just helps to open up my tired eyes!
Item of Clothing: Band t-shirts/ baggy tops in general. Comfort is key when you’re ill!

So that’s it for now, I’ve got a couple of reviews, and an OOTD that I forgot to post a few weeks ago, ready to go up this week, so I guess I’ll see you then! Thanks for reading!

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