What I Got For My Birthday!

May 15, 2014

So, on Sunday, I finally turned 18! Do I feel any different? No... Anyway, I was working on my birthday, and I had decided I didn't want to do anything, as it's mid-exams, and none of my close friends were able to do something, so I was expecting to come home to have a quiet day. I was wrong. My mum and sister had invited some of my closest friends round for the day, and I know to some you that will seem boring, but it was such a nice thoughtful gesture! Anyway.. onto the actual post.. I got a lot of money for my eighteenth (my parents are paying for my trip to London in June), but on top of that, I got a couple of nice gifts, that i'd like to share with you!
Quick disclaimer, i'm not trying to boast or anything, i'm just simply showing you a couple of my favourite presents, although i'm sure you all know that!

I am in love with this perfume! I will be doing a post about it soon.

This bracelet is so lovely, and so thoughtful!

One of my closest friends got me this adorable photo frame, and she filled it with memories, so thoughtful!

My mum and dad know how much I love tea.. so they got me my own bright yellow teapot! I'm in love.
This palette is absolutely gorgeous, it's by Ted Baker, and a review will be going up on my blog soon!

So, yeah, that's what I got for my birthday! Thanks for reading!

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