Summer Lovin' Tag!

August 06, 2014

summer lovin' tag

Hey everyone! I'm back today with another tag post! This tag I believe was created by the beautiful Fleur from 'Fleur De Force'. I loved the idea of it, and the questions were really good, so I thought I'd try out this tag!

Question 1: Summer Lipstick You're Loving?
In the summer I don't often wear lipstick during the day, and if it is, its just a nude, but if I wear a lipstick I have found myself reaching for the Revlon Lip Butters over anything else I own. I just live them, they're so moisturizing, and long lasting, perfect for Summer!

Question 2: Summer Nail Polish You're Loving?
This was a hard question, because I own too any nail varnishes, but i've limited it down to two. This Kiko one is a gorgeous pearly nude, perfect for summer! (full review here) and this new one from Barry M called "Sugar Apple" is such a pretty pastel blue, also perfect for summer!

Question 3: Bikini You're Loving?
Its only in the last two years that i've started wearing bikinis, and even then, I still feel super self conscious, and I am just not a huge fan of my figure (but that's another story!) Howcer, I really like this plain black bikini (I know, so exciting!) From New Look, as it doesn't look too bad on me.

Question 4: Favourite Summer Frappuccino From Starbucks?
I love all the frappucinos from Starbucks, but my absolute favourite has to be the Mocha Cookie Crumble one. It is DELICIOUS.

Question 5: Favourite Fake Tan?
Not a huge fake tanner (aka I never do it, I'm so pale, I think fake tan would look stupid), so I can't really answer this. However, I have been loving this tinted moisturiser from Garnier. It doesn't tan as such, but it just gives me an all round healthy glow, and it smells really nice too!

Question 6: Favourite Summer Song?
I could not just pick one, so I've limited it to 4 (although there is so many, I have a whole playlist for summer!)

Question 7: Favorite Summer Accessory?
Scrunchies! I've been absolutely loving wearing them in my hair, it just makes a simple ponytail look that little bit more stylish.
I've also been loving this necklace from H&M, I've pretty much worn it every day.
And of course, can't forget sunglasses! Absolutely essential when the sun comes out!

Question 8: Favorite summer fragrance/perfume?
This body spray from Victoria's Secret just smells like summer. Its coconut and vanilla, and I actually hate coconut, and the smell of it, but this fragrance, I am OBSESSED with.

Question 9: Summer Book You’re Loving?
I've recently finished the Divergent trilogy, and I think its up there with my top five book series. It's honestly amazing, and perfect to read at any time. (I personally read them bhly the pool on holiday!)

Question 10: What Are You Most Excited to Do This Summer?

Everything ive been looking forward to has actually already happened! I won't say too much about them, cause i've wrote a full in depth post about all 3 of them. The things I was most looking forward to were:

I went on my bloglovin', and picked a few blogs that I love, and people that I think should do this tag, so I tag:
Gemma from  ALittleGemm
Katherine from KatherineRosie
Karen from StyleSunrise
Lucy from beautyworthy

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  1. Great tag, thanks for tagging me lovely! I'll see what I can do with my schedule and will let you know :D

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. Great tag! I love the revlon lip butters too!
    Sounds like you've had an amazing summer xx

    Beauté Within | Brittish Beauty Blog

    1. They are great aren't they? I've only recently started to use them, but I'm obsessed now!
      I've had a fab summer, thanks! Hope yours has been great too :) xx