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January 01, 2015

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! It is officially January 1st 2015, how crazy is that? I say this every year, but seriously, where has 2014 gone? As you may have seen in my 2014 recap post, 2014 was a super busy year for me, arguably the busiest year of my life. This year, i've set the usual resolutions that I can never seem to stick to (stop biting my nails, save money, be happier, be nicer person, eat healthier, exercise more etc etc..) but on top of that, i'm setting myself one particular challenge that I am determined to complete. I want to read fifty books in 2015. I am quite a big reader, but I haven't read as much as I used to before I started university, and I am determined to change this. I saw this challenge towards the end of 2014 on Goodreads and I loved the idea of it.
The concept is simple; over the course of 2015, you aim to read 50 books. That's almost  book a week, which usually sounds okay for me, as I used to read books in a day, but recently, since starting university, i've had much less time to read, so this is bound to be a challenge. However, it's a challenge I am excited to face!
I aim to read as many new books as possible, but there are a few books that I wish to re-read (such as Paper Towns by John Green, and The Shadow Year by Hanna Ritchell). Every month or so, I will be posting an update to my blog of the books I've been reading, and I will tell you what I thought of each one. I am by no means a book reviewer, although I have tried to review some books in the past on my blog (see here, and here) and it is something I would very much like to incorporate into my blog more in 2015 (as I sure read enough books!).
Sorry this has been a short post today, but I just wanted to update you on what my plans for the new year are. I urge all of you to get involved in this challenge. It's a great way to brush up on your reading skills, and discover more authors. Plus, I find that reading really relaxes me, and takes me to a whole different world, and I can literally lose myself in a book. It's my favourite way of escaping the real world, and has been for a long time. If you are participating, let me know! You don't have to read 50 books, as that may be quite daunting for some people, but pick a number that you feel suits you better.
On a side note, if anyone has any books they recommend, let me know, I will definitely follow up your recommendations!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I've decided to do this challenge as well, although I have no idea how well I'll do. Luckily I got a kindle for christmas so hopefully that will make reading a bit easier as I can download a book and start straight away, although I'll always prefer a real book!
    Good luck with your challenge!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Aw lucky you! I have my iPod which I read on, as well as buying paperbacks. I know what you mean, it's always better having a physical book!

  2. Great challenge! I'd love to be able to do this but I never have time anymore! x

    1. I am worried I won't have time, as university takes up most of my day, but i'm going to try my hardest! Thanks for your comment love!

  3. Good luck with the challenge. Happy new year!

    Made in Mauve