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April 17, 2015

The other day, myself and a good friend of mine went for a little wander around the West End of our hometown, Glasgow. We had lunch at a lovely little American diner style place called TriBeCa, and then we headed off on a wander.
We found ourselves in Botanic Gardens, the name says it all really, it's a huge part of land with little walkways, and greenhouses, full of plants. It's an adorable little place, so peaceful, and beautiful, full of many hidden places, and gorgeous scenery. Although we picked a dull day to go (typical us) it was still amazing none the less. As both of us are art students, it was always clear that we were going to take many, many photos, and I thought i'd share them with you on here.
It was a completely random and spontaneous journey, but that made it all the more pleasant. It's nice to have a bit of change now and then, sometimes it's exactly what you need! (I know it was 100% what I needed! A bit of distressing girly time with a twist, that's what I like to think this day was)
When I lived in the West End as a child, I used to go here all the time, but I haven't been here in years, so it was a bit of a walk down memory lane for me! I was pleased to see that not much had changed, oh the nostalgia!
Anyway, onto the photos! Warning, I took a lot!

As art students, of course we were going to take many photos. Here's Laura trying to get the perfect shot.

Admiring the beauty of the plants

Squirrel loose in the greenhouse!

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