Accessorize Lip Glosses || Review + Swatches

January 25, 2014

Hello everybody! I'm back, after a hectic week of exams, folios, and stress (more on that tomorrow, stay tuned!) However, I am back today, with a review for you all! I'm going to try and make it as short, and to the point, as possible. Enjoy
For my Christmas, one of my close friends gave me this little trio of lip glosses from Accessorize. Now if I had seen this myself in the shop, I know I wouldn't have bought it, because i'm not a fan of lip glosses... until now!

 First of all, the packaging is really pretty, I love the gold tops, and it feels very sleek in my hand. The product itself smells amazing. It smells (in my opinion) or really sweet vanilla. Not to everyone's taste, but I personally love it!
The product itself was so much better than I anticipated. It's super pigmented, it glided on my lips, and left a beautiful, sheer colour. The lasting power isn't great, (as with most lip glosses), but the applicator makes it really easy to quickly re-apply (without a mirror if you're brave!).
However, the best part about this lip gloss is that is isn't sticky! I have yet to try a lip gloss that hasn't left my lips feeling sticky, and tacky, but this didn't do either of these. It really is perfect.
The three shades I got don't have numbers, or names, but they're a dusky pink, a baby pink, and a bright pink.

This colour was the one I was most drawn to, as I love nude lips, and this has a pinky tone to it. I really did like it, it didn't change my lip colour that much, just made them shiny, and prettier. An all round great every day shade. 

This was the shade I wasn't sure of. I tend to steer well clear of bright pinks, as I don't think they suit me. However, as this is a gloss, it's really pretty on my lips, it's bright, but not too bright. I would probably wear this over a pinky nude lipstick, to give it that extra bit of oomph! 

This is probably my least favourite of the three (I still like it though!) Only because it's the least wearable. It's quite a light pink, which i rarely wear, but it is quite sheer (being a lip gloss...) so I guess it could be worn at any time..

Overall, I really like these lip glosses, and I am happy to have them in my collection. I don't think they've converted me from lipsticks, but I think i'm going to try and venture into lip glosses more after my experience with these!
I don't know how much the set was, but each lip gloss retails for £4, absolute bargain!

Have any of you tried these? What were your thoughts? 
Until next time!

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