Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Balm || Review + Swatches

January 04, 2014

Another sneaky little review for you all! Last year, Rimmel brought out the "Colour Rush Lip Balm", and I lusted after them since I saw them, but I was quite happy with my Bourjois Lip Crayon in "Red Sunrise", and I managed to keep convincing myself that I didn't need it, even though there was rave reviews left right and centre in the beauty blogging world. However, a few weeks ago, I caved, and bought the bright red (I love a red lip) in "The Redder The Better", and I am so happy I bought it!
 This lip balm glides onto my lips, and feels so smooth. Unlike most lip products, this didn't dry out my lips, in fact, it did the opposite. I also think that the colour payoff is amazing, as you can see from the swath below, I wouldn't think it was a balm, I would assume it was an actual lipstick, it's super pigmented! Creamy and moisturising, everything I look for in a lip balm!

One coat of the lip balm.

I can't ignore the scent, it is amazing. It smells just like vanilla, and I can smell it once it's n my lips, which gives me an excuse to put it on! It kind of makes me want to eat it. (I won't, don't worry.)
The best thing about this lip product for me however, is the lasting power. It lasts all day. It really is that good! It is marketed as "long lasting" but I really didn't expect it to be as long lasting as it is! I went out at New Year at around 5, I ate a Chinese meal, and came home about 10, and the red colour was STILL visible on my lips! It wasn't as bright as when I put it on, it was more of a subtle pinky-red, which I thought was lovely! I often find that lipsticks dry out on my lips unevenly, making them look disgusting, so much so that I feel the need to retouch my lips every hour or so. This lip product, however, does not need retouched, as it still looks lovely on my lips after 5 hours. Yes, the actual product is gone from my lips, but the colour is still there, and my lips didn't feel too dry either.

The colour range is also really nice. They have something for everyone within the 7 shades available. They are also affordable, at £5.99 each. I will definitely be picking up a few more, if not all of them!
I really was so impressed by this lip balm/lip crayon. Rimmel really are on fire with their lip products, aren't they?

A sneaky selfie of myself with the lip crayon on. I'd had this on for approximately an hour or two before this photo was taken.

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  1. Hi Erin! Just dropping by from the Fashion February challenge! I love that color! I had no idea Rimmel London put these out, if I knew I def. would have tried! I will be keeping an eye out for these at my local drugstore, it also looks great on you! :)


    1. Aw thanks so much Lisa, that made me smile! You really should try them, I absolutely love them! Can't wait to start fashion February!
      Erin xx