Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment Spot Cream || Review

April 09, 2014

Quick review today for you! Just a quick warning, this review isn't the most positive review i've ever done. I normally don't write full negative reviews, but I thought this review might be useful to those with similar skin to me.

The other month I completely broke out in blemishes and spots. I've often seen spot creams, but been skeptical of them, as I feel like they will just irritate my skin. (Note: I have pale, sensitive combination skin.) However, I was in my local Boots and I saw this Neutrogena one. I took a note of it, and I read reviews once I came home. A lot of reviews were positive, and it wasn't an expensive product, so a couple of days later I popped back into Boots and purchased it.

The instructions were as follows:
"Suitable for every day use. Apply directly to blemishes morning and night, avoiding delicate eye area."
"Quick drying gel is clinically proven to help reduce visible spots and blemishes within four hours-without being harsh on the skin"
Now lets jump right in.. it claims not to be harsh on the skin. Well let me tell you, this stung so much when I put it on my face, that the first time I used it, I washed it off straight away! However, I decided to try again, and persevered with it, as I was desperate to get rid of blemishes and spots. True to it's word, the gel dried quickly, and seemed to be tight on my face, presumably drying out the spots? (But my face stung for quite a bit-anyone else had this problem?)
I used it morning and night, under my moisturiser in the morning, and over at night. I continued this for a few days, not seeing much change, but deciding to give it a proper chance, okay it wasn't going to work in four hours, like it claimed, but had I really expected that? (No..) However, a week on, and my skin had became inflamed, and if anything, worse than before. I don't know if it was just because my skin is very sensitive, or maybe I was allergic to it, I don't know. Either way, I stopped using it, and I was very self conscious, as my skin was terrible.
It took me a month or so to venture back into the spot cream world, but many people recommended Lush's "Grease Lightning" spot gel, and after much persuasion, I tried it, and what a lifesaver that is! (review soon?)
Even for the cheap price of  £4.99, I will definitely not be repurchasing, and I will continue to pay the 26p more for the Lush gel.
Sorry it was so negative, but I just wanted to get my honest opinions across. I'm not saying don't buy the product, i'm just saying it didn't work for me, but what doesn't work for me, might work brilliantly for you, it all depends on your skin type. Thanks for reading!

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