Collective Haul || May 2014

May 31, 2014

 Oops.. so I did a bit of shopping.. I was going to split this into two posts, but i've decided just to condense it into one massive post. Enjoy!

First stop was New Look, where I got an adorable flower crown, some cute scrunchies (that i'd been wanting for aaages) and my Prom Shoes! And they were under £30! Absolute bargain, and I love them! (And they were so comfy on the night - my prom was on Thursday, post coming soon- I definitely recommend them to anyone who has a prom coming up!

I ten of course had to stop off at Boots! (What's a shopping trip without spending way too much money in Boots?!) Most of the stuff I bought was Prom related. I wanted my makeup to last all night, so I bought a primer from Rimmel (i've never actually used a primer before this, but I loved it!) I also needed a new eyeliner and I absolutely love Rimmel's "Scandaleyes" range. The "Palmers' Cocoa Butter" is my all time favourite lipbalm, and i'd ran out, so I rushed out to stock up!
For prom I wanted glitter nails, and this sparkly nail varnish from Maybelline was perfect.
Now, I am a very pale British girl, and for prom, I wanted to have a little bit of colour, but I didn't want it to be too drastic, and let me tell you, this Garnier tinted moisturser is absolutely incredible for giving a "Summer Glow".
I also like to carry a hand cream in my bag, so I purchased the sample size of the Soap and Glory "Hand Food". (I'm sure I don't need to tell you how great it is.)

I also popped into Primark and picked up some travel bottles, because i'm flying to London on Monday, and I also picked up the cutest pair of high waisted denim cut-offs, I think i'm in love...

Two days later, I headed into town again, and I did more shopping.. Oh dear..

I went back in to Boots, and spend more money! Again, most of these things were for Prom (can you sense a themed shop?) I got cheap powder just to put in my bag for touch ups, I needed a new foundation, so I fancied trying something different, and I finally got a Revlon Lip Butter, ad it was the perfect pink colour. I also got false eyelashes, and they looked amazing on my eyes, but I could not get the right eye to work, it just wouldn't stick, and eventually it turned out I couldn't use them for prom, which was really sad, does anyone else struggle with false lashes? I tried fro an hour! Is that just really bad? Please let me know!
I also realised I never photographed the last few things on the same day, so that's why they look different, but I also got some Charles Worthington hair products to travel to London with.

I popped pack into  New Look and picked up this gorgeous clutch bag, for only £8.99!

I finally popped back into Primark, and picked up some nice earrings and rings, and thekn... I spotted the most beautiful pair of boots, for only £18! I picked them up without hesitation, and they are so comfortable, and they give me quite a lot of height, which is perfect for a small girl like me! 

PS I just wanted to say a huge sorry for lack of posts, my life has been super busy recently. I've had exams, and a huge Advanced Higher Art portfolio to finish, i've had my prom, i've had dance rehearsals, and last weekend I was at Radio 1's Big Weekend (i'll probably do a blog post soon, but you can check out on my instagram - @youfounderin- if you want.), it was absolutely amazing, but it took up my entire weekend! And on Monday, i'm ff to London with two of my closest friends for 4 days, so i'll try to get a post up tomorrow, but if I don't 'll try to schedule some to go up for when i'm away! Thanks for reading!

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