Clearly Youthful Triple Action Cleanser, Mask and Scrub | Review

July 24, 2015

Scientifically formulated to target the needs of both ageing and problem skin.
Clearly Youthful Triple Action Cleanser, Mask and Scrub is a rich, purifying and nourishing formula with Vitamin E that effectively removes makeup and impurities for a refreshed and radiant complexion.
Instantly: Skin feels softer and smoother + skin looks clearer and radiant
After 1 Week: Pores look visibly minimised + Skin looks clearer and healthier
After 2 Weeks: Skins texture is more refined + Blemishes/redness appear visibly reduced.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For use as a cleanser and scrub, apply to a wet face in upwards, circular motions, rinse away with clean warm water. Alternatively, to use as a mask apply a thin layer to damp skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse away with clean, warm water. Super drug recommends using this in conjunction with other products from our Clearly Youthful range.

Back late last year (Yes, i've left this review a while..)  I picked up these two products on offer in Superdrug. 'Clearly Youthful' is not a brand i'd heard about, but I needed a new face scrub, and i'm always trying new things, so I thought i'd pick this one up. (You can read my review on the Serum soon.)
It was the packaging that drew me towards them, I really like the packaging. I don't know what it is about them that I like so much, I just think it looks really professional. It's also very minimalistic, which I particularly love. I bought these purely for the anti-blemish aspect of them, not the anti-ageing, as i'm only 19.
I find that this works really well to help keep my blemishes at bay. It doesn't completely get rid of them, but I find that it definitely stops those big, angry spots appearing. It's also quite gentle on my face, considering it's a scrub, so I feel like I can use it daily without my skin becoming irritated. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and so fresh. I can clearly see the difference it's making in my face. It's a lot more radiant than it used to be. I can't rave about this product enough!
Since I took these photos, i've actually repurchased this product twice, I am obsessed with it!!

Sorry this review was so short, but I didn't have much to say, except how much I love this product!
This brand is exclusive to Superdrug and you can purchase it in stores or from their website here. It's a steal at only £4.99

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