My Spending Ban || Update 2

November 02, 2013

So it's been two weeks since I decided to start a spending ban. The first week was pretty good (read here), however... it kind of went a little downhill this week..

I went to Dundee on Tuesday, for the art school open day (because i'll be applying for University soon, how scary!) so even though my parents (very kindly) paid the train fair for me, I did spend quite a bit of money whilst in Dundee.... on food. Yep. Oops. I eat a hell of a lot, you can ask anyone I know, "What does Erin do a lot of?" and I can almost 100% guarantee their answer will be "eat".

I also went to town earlier on the Sunday, and again.. bought food... i also bough a tank top, for my Halloween costume (even though I turned out not doing anything, but oh well..)

I also bought a magazine, and it cost me £4! Is it just me or is that so expensive for a magazine?! The only reason I bought it (it was "Elle") was because I needed it for my Graphic Communication coursework.

The last thing I bought, last Thursday, I think, was an album. Well, part f an album. I spent £7 on "completing my album" for Lawson - Chapman Square Chapter II, so that was a little naughty of me (it is a great album though...)

Hopefully, things will be a lot better next week! (I really hope so...)

And that's it! Another short post, but i'm working on more as you read this! I've just not had a tonne of time, so i'm doing them during any free points I have.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aw thats not too bad! You've done great! I need to go on a spending ban! But I think maybe I'll wait until Jan haha.