My Commonwealth Games Interview Update!

October 30, 2013

Short, quick, last minute post for you all today, but I just wanted to share the news with everyone!
So around about half an hour ago, I was just checking my emails, as I do most nights, and this little one popped up in my inbox...

I got a place! How awesome is that that i'm going to be a face of the games! If you don't know what the Commonwealth Games are, where have you been?! It's basically a massive sporting event, and it's going to be held in my hometown of Glasgow next year!

I actually thought my interview went HORRIFIC, (the questions were really weirdly worded, and there was A LOT of awkward pauses by me..) but apparently it went ok!

So a really really short post, but that's all i wanted to say.
There will be an October Favourites, and Empty Products, and a Spending Ban Update blog posts to come in the foreseeable future (along with a very different style one, that's taking a lot longer than expected to put together, based on Horoscopes, random, I know), so look out for those!

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