My Spending Ban || Update 1


Sorry i've been absent for a bit, my life suddenly got pretty busy! But i'm back, with a short post today, just to let you all know how my spending ban is going.
Last week I made a post on how I was going to be on a "Spending Ban" (you can read the post here).
For a first week, I think I did ok...

I bought a train ticket to go see Jessie J/Lawson at the new "The Hydro"venue in Glasgow (and the show was absolutely fantastic! I'm not a huge fan of Jessie J, I was going to accompany a friend, and Jessie J blew me away with her talent, but that's another story!) so that was about £3 I spent.

I was also a little bit naughty... I bought a makeup brush.. the "Real Techniques Expert Face Brush". I have been stopping myself from buying these for around six months now, mainly because of the price, but when I saw them on offer for a FIVER in ASDA, I had to get it, i'm sorry!
But apart from that, i've been good! Yay!
There will probably be another update next week.

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