Exam Results Tomorrow!

August 05, 2013

It's that time of year again, when us Scottish folk sit up all night worrying about a piece of paper that's going to come through our door in the morning of the 6th August, and I can tell you, i'm bloody terrified.

Last year I wasn't as worried, because the exams weren't as important, but think of your most important school exams (because I know Scotland's different to everywhere), and think about how they determine your future. That is exactly what the Higher exams do!

I know i've not done as well as I hoped, but gosh I do not want to open the envelope tomorrow.

Another problem i've got is that the majority of my friends are really really smart, and, well, i'm just average.. SO they'll all be sitting with all As and Bs and i'll be like
"Oh, I got C's and a few B's(if that!)"

Another thing is the pressure to make your parents proud. They say it doesn't matter what the results are, but realistically, if you fail all your exams, your parents are not going to be happy.

I guess it's all done now, there's nothing I can do about it, and whatever's in the envelope tomorrow is what i'll get, I can't exactly phone up the exam board now and say,
"Oh, you know how Erin Docherty? Yes, i'd like to change her exam results from 5 D's to 5 A's please, thank you."
SO i've just got to accept it, whatever it is.

Sorry it was a short post today, i'm tired, and really didn't feel like writing, as i'm scared and upset and nervous for tomorrow..


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