Life Update: School, Hiking and Interviews!

August 22, 2013

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I am so sorry I haven't blogged this week, i've literally been so busy with school, (i'm in my last year, ah!), and when i've came home i've literally just wanted to eat food and sleep, because i'm stressed and not in my happiest mood ever...

Basically it's not been a great week for me, i'm super duper stressed about my artwork for Advanced Higher Art course, and my school is in the process of picking out prefects (around 80 people applied in my year, and they need to limit it to 30...), so I had to fill out an application about "Why I would make a good prefect", and to add to that, I had to do an interview, but just as I was about to go in today, the fire alarm went off, so I need to re-schedule it for tomorrow morning, so i'm bloomin' terrified about that! It's with one of the teachers I know as well, and in most peoples eyes that's a good thing, but I would rather have a teacher that didn't know me at all, so I could start fresh, a clean slate and everything..

But anyway, that's schoolwork for you.. Next on the list is "interviews", and I spoke there about my prefect one, but I also have another one a week today.. I live in Glasgow.. and in case you didn't know, the Commonwealth Games are coming here next year, and I applied back in January to be a volunteer, and I heard back from them recently.. I got an interview. "Wow, Erin that's so good, only half the people gt interviews, you must be s chuffed!" Might be along the lines of what you're thinking.. Maybe not, but anyway, yes, i'm super pleased they've considered me for an interview, and it's in Sports Competition, which is basically the best thing, you get to help the competitors, and be right in the middle of the action.. Sounds perfect?
I had to fill in a bit in the application about what sports I enjoy, and if I did any sports .. Now I put down that I loved athletics, and also liked swimming, and that I ran a lot when I was little, and that I liked swimming..
You would think I would maybe be put in the athletics/swimming place? Or somewhere similar, yes? Wrong..
I got wrestling..
I don't agree with wrestling, I don't like it, I don't think it's a sport, and i've never watched a full match.. oops?
So that'll be interesting to see how that goes. Did any of you get an interview for the Commonwealth Games? What was it for?

So finally, you'll see "Hiking" in the title. In a week on Saturday, i'm going on my Duke of Edinburgh Expedition (Google it), and this is pretty much what I do..
Spend two nights in a tent, three days walking, up hills, down hills, across rivers, for 7 hours each day...
How fun..
I've done a Bronze one last year (one night two days), and although it was actually so tiring, it was a lot of fun, so i'm dreading it, but also looking forward to it!
(Us on our DofE last year, we look so happy! L-R: Fiona, Kate, Jennie, Me, Eilidh)

So that's a little update on my life, it's not my usual style, but I just wanted a little change. Hope you didn't find it too boring!

Oh! As a little side note, if anyone is looking for new music, and haven't heard of British pop-rock band "Lawson", then you are missing out! They actually previewed their new single today, called "Juliet", and it is fab. I shall link you to it below, and at midnight, you can pre-order it, so get doing that!

thanks for reading!
youfounderin x

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