September Beauty Bloggers Challenge!

August 15, 2013

On this lovely blog here, called "GirlFridaysBeautyBlog" , i saw that there was a September Beauty Blog Challenge, and it looks like fun, so come September, i'm going to try my hardest to do the following, and blog every single day in September! (The only downside is that on the first of September, I actually can't blog, because i'm away on an expedition, but there will be two on Monday to make up for it, so that still counts... right?) Anyway, the following list is what I can do, and there are two options, lifestyle, and beauty. I think i'll do a mix of the two, some days doing both of them, and others, just either or.

(This was taken from the link that I posted at the start of this blog post. I did not create this challenge, I am just participating in it!)

The Schedule:
Sunday 1stRecent purchasesIntroduction to #SBBC: Why are you doing it? What do you hope to achieve during the month?
Monday 2ndFavourite eyeshadow paletteFavourite jewellery
Tuesday 3rdWhat you bring when travellingA sentimental item
Wednesday 4thFavourite handcreamPositives about blogging
Thursday 5thFaves and fails: makeup removersA recipe – one you love, would like to learn, something from a family tradition… Whatever your take on this is!
Friday 6thStaple items – the bits you use that you never normally think about. Can be brand of cotton pads, nail varnish remover, cotton buds… What do you use? Have you favourites? What can you never allow yourself to run out of?Travel dreams – where would you go? What would you do? Is it somewhere you have been before and would go back to? Why this place?
Saturday 7thA makeup look: eyes, lips, cheeks, full face – your choice!Fantasy dinner party – can be the guests, the food, the décor, the setting – your party, your choice!
Sunday 8thMaintaining healthy hairLetter to someone from your past
Monday 9thWays to incorporate colour into your lookCollecting
Tuesday 10thBeauty Pet PeevesFavourite clothing item – what is it? How does it make you feel? What do you love about it?
Wednesday 11thBiggest beauty fails/disastersHow did you get your blog name?
Thursday 12thComparison: Compare two or more similar itemsLife advice you would pass on to a younger person in your family…
Friday 13thDIY BeautyA craft project – it can be something you have done or seen someone else do, something you would like to do…
Saturday 14thWhere do you get inspiration?Post you are proudest of on your blog
Sunday 15thBeauty things I suck at TagEye candy
Monday 16thWishlist – makeup, skincare, fashionThings you love
Tuesday 17thA product you don’t get the hype aboutA photo from your day
Wednesday 18th10 desert island items – if all your makeup was taken and you could only repurchase 10 things what would they be and why?Who/What inspires you?
Thursday 19thStorage – show how you store your makeup, skincare, nail varnish, brushes (all or just some!). Perhaps you’d like to show storage that someone else has that you lust after?You have €250 to spend on yourself  – what would you buy?
Friday 20th10 products under €10What’s in your handbag /shower /bath /dressing table?
Saturday 21stShop your stash – do a post on an item you haven’t used recently or had forgotten about. You can do a  review of it, use it for a look  – whatever you want!Advice you would pass on to others about blogging
Sunday 22ndPerfume post – what is your signature scent? Is there a perfume that brings back particular memories for you?A quote you love or that applies to you or a situation…
Monday 23rdHints and tipsA hot topic – can be something controversial, something currently in the media – or just something you think is hot!
Tuesday 24thBrand highlight -  choose one brand. What do they do well? What do they not do quite so well? Is there something you are looking forward to getting of theirs? When did you first some across this brand? How have your views on it changed over the years?Resolutions: do you have any? Do you keep them?
Wednesday 25thShopping habits: Do you shop online or instore? Where do you shop? What do you make a bee-line for?Who is your icon/idol? Why?
Thursday 26thBeauty History: Hair, makeup, fashion – what have been your good and bad experiences? What have been your successes and fails?A happy memory and what reminds you of it
Friday 27thWhat is your most expensive item of makeup?A song/piece of music you love
Saturday 28th“What was I thinking?”Where do you see yourself in 5/10/15 years time?
Sunday 29thMy earliest makeup memories.An era you would love to have lived in – and why? What attracts you to that time?
Monday 30thFavourites for the month of SeptemberReflection: how did you find #SBBC? Did you achieve your goals? What were the best/worst bits?

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