Why I Love Autumn!

October 01, 2013

It is officially October, which means that Autumn is well and truly here!
I love Autumn, it's easily my favourite time of year. Why? I hear you ask, well, there is many, many reasons, but i've managed to round it down to the ten reasons why I love Autumn.

The browns, reds, oranges, golds, deep greens, dark purples, maroons, they're my favourite colours, and Autumn is all about these. I think these colours give a cosy vibe, and I think they are such a great combination of colours. In winter it's pretty dark, in summer it's every vibrant colour imaginable, and in spring it's pastels, and lighter colours, but for me, I think the deep "royal" colours are my favourite.

I love Autumn clothes because it's all about layering! Plus the chunky knits, lace up boots, beanies, leggings, loose fitting coats, and of course throwing in a oversized scarf!

I think the trees look really beautiful in Autumn, in reds, yellows, oranges, purples and greens, you can't find a better mix of colours in my opinion. Also, I love that when you walk past them the leaves are falling around you, and I think that looks absolutely beautiful.

I don;t know, I just love the atmosphere on the evening of October 31st. All the children coming to the door, with their jokes. They're all excited, and it reminds me that I was like that back in the day. Also, my street becomes so much more lively this night.

In Autumn, the weather is cold, but not too cold. You can get away with only wearing a warm jumper, and not have to worry about a jacket. Plus, I think the air is more crisp, and cool, which beats warm stuffy summer air any time!

The idea of being able to cover up my body, and hiding away in layers is something which really appeals to me, and i'm sure a lot of you will agree Also, not having to shave your legs as often is definitely a big plus in my opinion!

I will definitely enjoy my makeup actually staying on my face all day. In summer I find my makeup sliding all over the place, and in winter I get a bright red face because of the cold, but Autumn, well, it's perfect for makeup!

Now don't get me wrong, I drink tea all year long, i'm a self confessed tea addict, but in Autumn it becomes more acceptable to drink hot drinks such as hot chocolate, and you can also buy them from coffee shops without looking a little bit strange.Woo! Nothing better than a warm drink keeping you warm on the train ride home after a long day of shopping.

I actually hate fireworks when i'm standing outside, near them (it's fine from a distance), but they're so beautiful, and pretty, and I just love all the beautiful colours when the sky is lit up.

Now come on, who doesn't love standing on leaves and hearing a satisfied "crunch"? I absolutely love it, and sometimes I go out of my way just to step on the crunchy leaves!

So that's the reasons why I love Autumn. So tell me, why do you love Autumn? Or do you hate it? Tell me why! 

P.S. Obviously, none of the above photos are mine, they were taken from Tumblr, or Google images. I just added the text, and the white transparent box.

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