July Favourites!

August 04, 2013

It is officially August! We are more than halfway through the year already! (Where has the year gone, seriously?!) I haven't done one of these blog posts, but I love reading about them, so i'm going to do my July Favourites, because there have been a lot of beauty (and pretty random) things i've been loving throughout the month of July.

Lets start with hair products, shall we?

First up is this dry shampoo from Batiste. I will be honest, at first, I hated dry shampoos. I found that they left my hair dry, and the white powder showed up in my roots no matter how far away I sprayed the product. However, when I saw this one, i decided to get it, because it was for brunettes (like me!), and I love it. It keeps my hair fresh, and it's dark brown in colour so it doesn't show up in my hair, which is great. One downside is the smell. It's okay, but not brilliant.

This is in my favourites for many reasons (i won't go into detail because I have a review of the product here), mainly the smell. I adore the smell. The product itself is good, and it's cheap as well, at under £5. I definitely recommend this if you have thick hair like me

This is a new discovery for me, and what a lifesaver it's been! I heard that aragon oil was amazing for your hair, so I tried some, and I didn't see any difference, so I didn't repurchase it. However, I spotted this little gem in my local boots a few weeks ago, and it had "Smoothing serum" on it, and i instantly pictured the models on the hair adverts with their shiny, silky smooth hair, and I decided I needed this product in my life, as i'm a huge fan of this brand. When I tried it that night after my shower, it was fabulous. I felt my hair become smoother, and when I dried it, my hair was silky smooth. I love it! 

My current favourite shampoo/conditioner combo. Again, i won't go into detail as  I have already done a full review here.

I absolutely love this mousse. For a long time I avoided mousses because they made my hair greasy, but I got this in a 3 for 2 offer with my usual shampoo and conditioner, so I tried it, after buying it for it's amazing smell, and it worked great. it definitely conditioned my hair, and gives it a lot more volume. it does exactly as it says on the bottle!

Ah, salt spray, what a hassle you have been. I cannot find one I love! This is in my favourites because I like the majority of this product (the packaging is lovely, it smells great, gives my hair waves, holds well), but the only downside is that is often makes my hair sticky, if i don't ruffle my hair straight away. But overall, a great product!

I had a  few face/beauty favourites as well..

Another new thing for me is bronzer For ages I have been too scared to use bronzer, because of my skin. I am super pale, so I thought bronzer would look unnatural on me. However, this has had brilliant reviews, so I decided to face my fear and buy it, and I love it! It picks up just the right amount of product for me, but it is easily build-able, and it doesn't come out muddy, or too dark on my skin. And it smells good. Perfect!

Again, another product that i have already reviewed (click here), but I will say that it helps to prevent my, very sensitive, skin from breakouts.

Ah, my Sleek highlight/contour palette. How I love you. This has been a firm favourite of mine for ages now, and it isn't going to stop now. Fab at  contouring, and a good highlighter. Love, love, love.

A beauty bloggers favourite.. it's only the Rimmel Apocolips lip lacquer! I am in love with this. it's easy to apply, the colour stays on for ages, and this particular colour (Luna), looks really bright, but is easily blend-able, to create a beautiful coral nude colour, which I have been loving this month!

This lip balm is a definite dupe for the EOS lip balms, and although I haven't owned one of them, i have heard that they are actually better? And they are a fraction of the price, plus, they're easily accessible in the UK! I chose the raspberry one, and it smells divine!

There have been a few smelly things i've been loving too!

First up is Marc Jacobs' perfume "Dot". I got this for my birthday in May, and I have been wearing it a lot, but more so in July, because it's a great summer scent!

I have also been loving this hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. It smells like summer! I love it!

There have been a lot of Nail Favourites this month..
Everyone knows how amazing the Barry M nail paint's are, and this one (called Papaya), is no different. It's the perfect colour for summer, and it suits all skin tones!

I am a huge fan of Models Own range of nail polishes, and these two pastel colours look adorable on my nails, especially now I have a slight tan!

This little bottle has been my top favourite thing this month. I am in love with the colour orange right now, and this one called "Carnival" by Topshop is just perfect. 

Random favourites!

These sunglasses from H&M were only £3! They've been brilliant, especially as the UK got some sun for once this month! (Even though it's raining as I write this, I swear, we got sun!)

I have also been really liking chewing gum, in particular this packet. I must have consumed at least 20 lat month, maybe more! 

The final favourite is a band, some of you may know called "Scouting For Girls". Now, i've loved them for years and years, but listening to their albums in the sun is great, they sound brilliant in summer! If you haven't  heard of them I strongly suggest you check them out! They actually have a greatest hits album out now, so i'll link that on itunes below, you won't be disappointed! 

youfounderin x

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