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September 16, 2013

So my internet's been down all day, and I was panicking, thinking that I wouldn't get a post up tonight, but lo and behold, it's working again, yay! Which can only mean one thing.. i'm going to tell you about my wishlist.
i've mentioned it before, but i'm in love with this satchel, except it's £122!
Oasis Fur Lined Parka

"Katy Perry - Killer Queen"

Knitted Jumper from Topshop
Good gosh it's so beautiful. Shame it costs an absolute fortune though! Oh well, I guess it is Marc Jacobs.. Find it here, if you dare to look at the price.
Beautiful phone case from Etsy
Topshop nail varnish - Rumours and Lies

MAC Lipstick in "Impassioned"

So that's just a few items that I am loving right now:)

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