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September 13, 2013

I'm going to make todays post short and sweet, as I am coming down with a really bad cold, so i'm not really feeling my best right now, but I am determined to get a post up for you all! SO that is why I am going to tell you about a piece of artwork I love, and would really like to recreate.

So I first saw this crayon piece in one of Fleur De Force's videos, (here)  and I absolutely fell in love with it. I noticed that in the description box, Fleur left a link to where I could buy it. The link took me to Etsy, and I was so shocked to discover that it cost £16.50! (find it here).
Now that's not particularly expensive for a photo, but when it's a photo that you can so easily re-create for a fraction of the price, i would definitely not pay that much.
I could get crayons and glue for under £2, and get a frame like that for between £5-£7, and that's almost half the price. (I am considering actually doing this because I do think that it's really beautiful.)

So to summarise, as much as I love the idea, it's so much cheaper to create on your own, and I think anyone could do it. All you need to do is cut the crayons appropriately, and glue them onto a frame, and voila, your very own crayon letter art for under a tenner!

(Sorry for the terrible post, hoping tomorrow's will be better!)

youfounderin x 

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