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September 25, 2013

Like pretty much every female on the planet, I love shopping. In particular for makeup, as you don't have to worry about it fitting you, or sitting right, you just swatch it, and if I like it, I buy it. I really only buy makeup from two places: Boots and Superdrug, as they are really the best places on the high street to buy makeup. If I can't get to either of these places, I pop to my local ASDA, as they have a selection of makeup too. (It's limited, but it's still something!
I have a really bad habit of buying a makeup item just because it looks pretty. I often don't swatch the product, or take a closer look, I just base it purely on packaging. I guess that's what the packaging is designed the way it is, to attract consumers, like you and me.

When it comes to clothing and accessories, I am totally different. I will not buy an item without trying it on, unless I already know that it fits. I am also very picky with clothing. Because of my figure, it is very hard to get clothing to fit, and to get it to look right on me. I also tend to go for darker colours, rather than bold brights, as standing out from the crowd is not something that appeals to me.
I have a really bad habit when it comes to shopping, and that is that I buy way too many bags. I threw out five just the other day, because they were broken, bearing in mind that i'd kept these broken bags for years, in hope that I would look at them one day and they'd be fixed.
I tend to go almost straight to H&M when I go shopping, as I find that the quality of the clothing, for the small price you pay, is brilliant. Plus, the majority of their size 6-8 stuff fits me perfectly, which rarely happens. New Look has nice clothing, but their sizes, for my size, are really odd. One place that's brilliant for bargains is of course Primark, you can't beat it really!
Those are the three main shops that I head into regularly, but I just base it on what I see in the shop window.

Another thing i'm big on is online shopping. I love it, but it's a bit of a hit and miss with me. As I explained, I am a really awkward size, so it's hard to guide whether the clothes will fit me, so it's a hit and miss with me. I particularly love ASOS and, but Daisy Street is slowly climbing up the scale, as their clothes are just gorgeous. I occasionally order makeup online, particularly nail varnishes.

Sorry this has been a bad post, i've actually had a pretty crappy day, and i've not been feeling my happiest, so it was hard for me to write this. I don't want to complain, or i'm not asking for sympathy, i'm just saying that my day has been pretty darn terrible. Tomorrow's post will be better, I hope!

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