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September 17, 2013

Is the Maybelline Baby Lips worth the hype? Lets find out..

I saw beauty bloggers and youtubers raving about this product so much, and finding out it was only £2.99, I bought it. Now, in Boots, they didn't have the Cherry one(the orange one), which is the one I set out to get (because I love cherry so much, and the lip balm itself was red, and who doesn't love a good red lip balm?), but unfortunately, they didn't have it in stock, in fact, they were pretty limited on colours. So instead of waiting till they came back in stock, what did I do? I bought the pink one (which if I remember was "Pink Punch")

At first glance, the packaging drew me in, it was colourful, fun, bright, and I just really loved the packaging.
However.. when I actually took the product out of the sealed packet it came in, the product itself felt like not a lot of care had been put in it. It felt like a childs makeup lipgloss, and I wasn't a fan.

The product itself wasn't much better. One positive is that it smells nice. The product itself isn't fab, but it's not terrible. I just don't feel like it moisturized my lips well, and after around 20-30 minutes, my lips felt dry again.
As for the colour, I really on hindsight don't know why I picked this colour as it's horrible on me. The baby pink looks tacky on my lips, and it doesn't flatter me at all.

I guess for £3 it is actually ok, and I think I will buy the Cherry one, as it apparently smells incredible, and it works better.
I would probably rate it 3/5.

(If you are interested, you can buy them here)

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