BIG Christmas Art Project! || Update 4

December 10, 2013

So it's only fifteen sleeps until Christmas (yay!) and it's time for another a third update about my Christmas Art Project! (You can read part one here , and part two here). By this point, as you'll be able to see by the photos, i'm slowly but surely getting there, it's taking a while... this is two whole weeks worth of work. Lets have a look!

I've started on the third house, and the roof turned out to be a lot harder to do than I expected! It took me ages to get it exactly how I wanted it.

Not much change really, except that the third house is completed! I am quite proud of it at this point, as this has taken me almost a week an a half to get this far!

Two weeks have gone, and this is how far I got, I finished the main strip, and I had started to work on the two hedges at either side of the painting. (With the help of two of my friends, who blocked in the colour for me, seeing as we only had three weeks to get this finished!)

So that's update 3! What do you think of it so far? Let me know! All my links are in the sidebar. Thanks for reading. Happy blogmas day 10, see you tomorrow.

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