My Christmas Wishlist 2013

December 09, 2013

When Christmastime comes up, I realise there's a lot of things I really want, but know I will never get, as they are far too expensive, so this is a run down of things I would buy/ ask for for Christmas if I had the money!

Kurt Geiger "Saxon" boots - £150 ! (They are so beautiful though)
Wildfox Christmas Jumper - £205 (!)

iphone 5s - various prices

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch - $425

Lifetime supply of tictacs anyone? (i'm obsessed)
Tiffany Infinity bracelet - £170
Marc Jacobs bag - £555
Polaroid Instant Camera - £79.99
That's just a few items I would love to own. Happy blogmas day 9, see you tomorrow!

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