Rimmel "Space Dust" Nail Polish || Review

December 18, 2013

Note: this was scheduled to be published on 17/1213 but for some reason it didn't publish till the 18th, because it's location is set to Greenwich, waaah)

 Just a quick little review for you all today. You may have seen i'm my recent haul post (here) that I purchased this little pot of amazingness from Boots. I was drawn to this shade, which is "003 - Aurora", and i'm so glad that I bought it. It's a really glittery nail polish, that is even better out of the bottle than it is inside it. It is a pinky colour, but has little gold and silver specs in it, making it the most perfect colour for Christmas-time, in my opinion.

Sorry for the horrible state of my nails, i'm trying to stop biting them! This is two coats, plus a top coat.

Wen a top coat is applied, it really does bring out the silver and gold, and I really like it on my nails. It's one of those shades that I think would suit, must, if not all skin colours.
The price is £3.99, which is really good, considering the quality. I only got this 2 days ago, so I haven't had the chance to properly test the staying power, but I put it on pretty much as soon as I got home, and there is still no sign of chipping. I would normally have waited longer to review a product, but I don't have anything else to do, that won't take a long time to photograph, write a post about, etc.. I don't have a lot of time, as I have a Christmas Dance tonight. I was just desperate to review this polish.
Overall, I love everything about this nail polish, and I am definitely going to be checking out the other colours in the range. Rimmel really hardly ever put a foot wrong, do they? Another great product from them.

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