Memory Jar || 6 Months In!

July 26, 2013

(so sorry for the horrific photo! My camera is broken and I had to use my webcam! New picture will be put up asap!)
I saw on twitter back in December 2012 that a thing was going round. Basically, you keep a jar in 2013, and in it you put down every memory that you have had throughout 2013, and at the end of the year you open them all, and reflect on the memories. I thought it was such a sweet idea, and so I decided to do it.

I know you aren't supposed to open it till the end of the year, but as we are six months in, I thought i would open a couple, at random, and share with you some memories that I have had this year!

1. "Paris, lots of fun times, memories created, great friends, brilliant trip!" 
The first one was when I went to Paris back in February this year. I would explain the trip here, but i've actually already written a post all about it which you can find here !

2. "Jogging with Jennie and Cara"
Basically, back in June, me and two of my closest friends went jogging and the weather was lovely, and we had a laugh, and it was just a great day, even if not a lot of actual exercise got done!

3. "Volunteering in art for the cultural evening. Good night."
Thinking back on this day makes me smile. I was in my school, at 7-10pm, and i was in our art department, getting on with my project, and I was really happy, because I love art! This was mid-June that this happened.

4.  "Getting my bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award"
Way back in February! Again, another great moment in my life. If you don't know what Duke of Edinburgh is, you can visit their website here . Although the award ceremony was pretty boring, it was a great achievement of mine!

5. "Lanzarote. Sunday market. Goat gallery, real goat."
In July, when I was in Lanzarote, we went to a market, and there was a little gallery set up in one of the few buildings. It was literally dedicated to pictures of goats. I wish I was joking. But that's not all.. There was a real goat in there, just roaming around.. It was creepy, but so hilarious! (my sister actually found the website for it, so click here !)

6. "The dance show! Such a great night! I absolutely loved it! Gutted it's over."
I'm thinking I might do a post on this when I get the DVD from that night, so I can add pictures, but i've been dancing for 2 years, and we had out annual dance show back in June, and I was very nervous before, but as soon as it started I absolutely loved it. I'm smiling as I write this because I had such a great night!

7.  "Getting full marks for my French speaking talk."
This might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me, this is huge. I struggled quite a bit at French, and this talk makes up a quarter of our grade, so I was terrified. This was in March, and around this time my sister was quite ill, and she wouldn't stop crying. Basically, I had to memorise a 2 minute talk, plus about 20 different questions. It was stressful! To find out I got full marks made me feel so happy and so proud of myself!

8. "Meeting Alyx, someone I hadn't met before."
So I speak to a girl on twitter, and i've spoken to her for around 2 and a half years, and in April we finally met up properly! It was such a nice day, she's so lovely, and I was so happy we could finally meet. We're so similar, it's quite scary!

9.  "Chapman square tour!"
This was literally one of the best nights of my life. Back in February, My favourite band, Lawson (i did a blog post about my recent trip to see them, click here to see it) . They are amazing live, and we waited outside after and we met the band, and it was just great.

10. "The party we had for our Art teacher"
My art teacher was leaving to have a baby, and we wouldn't see her again (because we'd have left school by the time she came back), and she'd helped our class so much in 5th year. She was a lovely person and a great teacher, so us as a class decided to throw her a party in May. She was so touched, and it made her cry with happiness.

So, after this you can see exactly how boring my life is! I literally don't do anything, but these little memories mean the world to me. There is tonnes more memories in the jar, but these are the 10 I pulled out at random, and they all made me grin. I hope you enjoyed this style of post, as I certainly enjoyed making it!


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