Beauty UK Eyebrow Kit || Review

December 30, 2013

So I thought i'd sneak up on you all, and post one last beauty review before the new year, (ooh, look at  me)and I picked the "High Brow - Eyebrow Kit" By a brand called Beauty UK
This isn't actually a brand I'm familiar with, I was just browsing through the aisles in Superdrug, looking for a relatively cheap eyebrow kit, because I was just using a regular eyeshadow. I decided I wanted something different, and that's when I spotted this little box. It was the last one on the shelf, so I took that as a sign of it being a good product, and I was right!
This kit comes with 3 shades, a transparent wax, a little duo ended brush, and tweezers. Lets get the not so great stuff out the way. The tweezers aren't great, and I prefer to use my own eyebrow brush for the powder part, but I like using the small brush for the wax.
Also, this was the only shade available, and I use the middle shade, but it is a little light for my eyebrows, so I mix in a teeny bit of the darkest colour, and voila, perfect!
Apart from those minor details, I love this set! The instructions tell you to put on the wax, and then the powder, which is what i've been doing. I find that the wax really does help my eyebrows stay in place (there's nothing worse than little rogue hairs!), and the powder is very highly pigmented, which I love. Also, I was afraid that the powder might come off during the day, and start sliding down my face, but it didn't. It stayed on all day, and it will not need any touch ups!
The best thing about this is the price. It's an absolute bargain at £3.99! I'm not sure how local the brand is, but I can so far only see it at Superdrug, and even then, it seems to often be sold out, so obviously i'm not the only one loving it!

Have any of you tried this? What were your opinions? I'd love to know!

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