My Favourite Winter Nail Polishes

December 13, 2013

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great Friday 13th, and that nothing bad has happened to you (think yourselves lucky, i've had a terrible day!) It's day thirteen of blogmas, and today i'm going to talk you through five of my favourite nail polishes for the winter/festive period. Lets get started!

(l-r) Cappuccino, Deliciously Dark, Blackberry, Rapid Ruby, Amethyst Glitter

(l-r) Deliciously Dark, Rapid Ruby, Cappuccino, Blackberry,Amethyst Glitter

Deliciously Dark and Rapid Ruby
First is these two from Rimmel. I love these because the brush is big (almost too big!), and the colour payoff is incredible. I literally only need one coat. I usually put on two, out of habit, but I could easily get away with just one coat. Also, I find that they dry super fast, within around a minute, two minutes, so they are great to do if you're in a rush. As for the colours, they're great for festive parties, or just any winter's day, I just love them.

(l-r) Cappuccino, Blackberry, Amethyst Glitter
I also have a few favourites from Barry M. They are my favourite brand for nail polishes, and these three are just a couple of the ones that I own. I thought they were perfect for winter. The dusky purple colour (Cappuccino) goes with absolutely everything, the blue is just a great winter colour, and looks great on my nails, and the glitter, well, everyone needs some glitter nails at Christmas! (although I hate taking off glitter nail polish, it's such a hassle!) As for the formula, colour payoff, drying time.. i'm sure you all know how great Barry M is at their nail polishes, they really do never disappoint!

See you tomorrow, for blogmas day fourteen! Thanks for reading.

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