BIG Christmas Art Project! || Update 2

December 06, 2013

It's Blogmas day six, and it's time for update number two of my big Christmas Art Project! If you missed update one, where I explained how it was set up, and drawn out, etc, then you can read it here.

This update is just a short one, i'm just going to show a few pictures i've taken, as my painting has started to progress, so take a peek!

I decided to start on the hardest part, which I thought was the row of houses, and it took me just over a week to do all of them! (this is only the first two days work)

For some reason this photo is blurry, but that was three days work, and as you can see by the state of the floor, i'm not a tidy painter! (It gets worse in future updates, trust me!)

A close up, to show the detail I'e put in the houses! I was quite proud of it at this point, because i've never painted on this big a scale before!

Four days work, I finished two of the three houses, and one of my friends offered to help me (as I am a VERY slow painter), so I asked her to block in the auburn for the hedge, so that I could just add the detail later.

So that's it for update two! What do you think of it so far?

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