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September 24, 2013

I've been waiting patiently for twenty-four days to do this post, and it's finally arrived! The reason i'm so excited? There is one brand that stands out from every other brand in my opinion, and as you can tell from the title, it's obviously Rimmel!

Now if you've been a reader of my blog then it will be no surprise to you that i've picked this brand, as it's all I ever go on about! The products are affordable, and the quality (with most of the products) is in my opinion, up there with the more "high-end" brands.

I've managed to pick out a few products that I particularly love from this brand (along with a few that I don't like), although I found this extremely difficult to do!

1.  "Stay Matte Pressed Powder"

I'm sure you'll have seen the hype arund these from bloggers and youtubers everywhere, and they really are as good as everyone makes out to be! You only need a little bit and your skin is shine free! It also lasts pretty much all day, which is great! Plus, it's a bargain at only £3.99! (One downside though is the packaging.I find that the lid breaks really easily, and it isn't very secure, but I guess for under a fiver i can't complain.)

2. "Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks"

I'll keep it short because everyone's heard tonnes about this product, and I don't know anyone who doesn't love them. I am a little bit obsessed with them, they are genuinely great, and they're only £5.49! If you want to read a full review I did earlier this year, then click here.

3. "Wake Me Up Foundation"

Another of my staples. I do not use any other foundation. This is great for my skin, and it blends in perfectly, it is really the best drugstore foundation. It's price is £7.99, but you can usually get it on offer somewhere.

4. "Apocalips Lip Lacquers"

These lip products are honestly one of the brightest, boldest, and most pigmented things I have ever seen. They are absolutely great if you want to stand out, but they can also be blended out if you don't want them to be too bright. They're super moisturising, and they last for ages. I love them! These are around the £5.99 mark i think.

5. "Scandal Eyes Khol Liner"

 Final favourite! (I have tonnes, but if I listed them all, this post would go on forever! Another post maybe?) It has to be these eyeliners, as they are great! Particularly for lining my waterline, I usually use the nude or white, unless i'm wanting a more dramatic look, then i'll use the black. They're also great for your lash line as they glide on, and stay on for ages. I love love, love them! These are only £3.99!

But like every brand, Rimmel do have some products that I dislike.

1.  "1000 Kisses Lip Tint"

I had such high hopes for this product, as it looked great. However, I absolutely hated it. It dried out my lips, the pigmentation was terrible, and to top it off, it dried up after only 2 uses! Waste of money, I do not recommend.

2. "Scandal Eyes Mascara"

Now in general, i'm not a huge fan of Rimmel's mascaras, but this really disappointed me, because I love the eyeliners with the same name. This mascara made my lashes really clumpy, and they didn't look longer, or more voluminous. It was not a good look.

3.  "Professional Brow Pencil"

It's not the actual product that I don't like in this case, it's the colours. I bough the one labelled "Dark Brown", as I have that colour hair, but it was really light, and my eyebrows looked completely unnatural, and disgusting.

So that is what I make of Rimmel! What are your best/worst products from this brand? Do you agree with me on any?

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