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September 15, 2013

We're halfway through the month already! How did that happen?! I read on twitter today that it's now only 101 days until Christmas is upon us once again, how exciting! I love Autumn/Winter, I love the clothes, the colours, the festivity, I just love everything about it!

Anyway, i'm rambling, let's get onto the main part of the post, it's the beauty things that I suck at!

1.  Painting My Nails
I know most people can do this with ease, but I can't even paint my nails a plain colour.. Never mind doing fancy patterns on them. I always try so hard, and each time they look so messy. 

2. Winged Eyeliner
I can get this right about once every 50 times I d this, but most of the time it just looks a state. I always manage to get one side thicker/longer than the other, so I go back and try to fix the other side, then end up with it all over my face, or my entire eyelid is covered.

3. Putting On Blusher
I don't know why, but I cannot get my head round doing blusher properly. I always end up with bright red/pink cheeks, or the entire sides of my face look like i've been slapped. 

4. Keeping My Makeup Organised
Yes, I am terrible when it comes to keeping my makeup in the one place. You will literally find it scattered everywhere, from the bookshelf in my room, to the bathroom floor, and even in my living room.

5. Washing My Makeup Brushes
I am so bad at this! I always mean to wash them regularly, but I never do. I'm not saying I don't wash them, because I do, just not as often as I know I should.

So that's just a couple of the beauty things that I am pretty terrible at. Tell me, what's the thing, beauty related, that you would say you were worst at?

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